Bhardwaj Lake Trek: A Hidden Trek In India’s Urban Hub

Bhardwaj Lake

Bhardwaj Lake in Delhi was form as a result of the uncontroll mining of sandstone, lime, and Badarpur sand. A few decades ago, How to reach Bhardwaj Lake in Delhi guide all the present lakes around here including Coral, CITM  2, Wildlife in Dolphin Lake, and the entire area of ​​Death Valley used to be in the form of large open-pit mines. But due to mining, the whole area turned into a pool of large pits. It is usually now the rainwater that collects during the rainy season. This is how Wildlife in Bharadwaj Lake, and other lakes were form.

Bhardwaj Lake History

As per reports, Bhardwaj Lake was accidentally form as a result of illegal mining of sandstones, lime, and Badarpur in the area. Back in the days, these lakes were open-pit mines, but the large-scale dynamiting by the local contractors turned this part of the Aravali range into troughs for local animals. Gradually, these dynamiting-led pit holes started collecting rainwater and that’s how Bhardwaj Lake formed.

Bhardwaj Lake guide

Bharadwaj Lake Asola, situated in the middle of the Aravalli Mountain range, is a great option for trekking near Faridabad situated in the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary in South Delhi. Come spend a special weekend holiday. The entire region traverses semi-arid forests with some of the most adventurous and scenic trails. However, some time ago this lake was not very popular among visitors and trekkers. But now it has become a popular place where some narrow and forested roads lead to the blue lake.

Bhardwaj Lake

Bharadwaj Lake is located on the Delhi-Haryana border near Faridabad. In this area, visitors can see many flora, birds, butterflies, rabbits, deer, and nilgai apart from rocks, pebbles, and gravel of Aravalli Hill. Apart from this, local people say that wild animals also live in this area, although they are rarely seen. Bharadwaj Lake Asola is spread over an area of ​​about 8 km.


About the Bhardwaj Lake Trek:

  • Bhardwaj Lake departs from Aravali International School near the boundary of Delhi and Faridabad and leads you past to the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary before returning.
  • Trekking across some rocky slopes in a semi-arid forest will let you experience the beauty of the lake.
  • Explore the least travelled trails and uncharted territory on this special nature trail, which makes for an engaging day trip. Lake Bhardwaj is around 8 kilometres long overall, and it takes 3–4 hours to travel that distance.

Details about the Bhardwaj Lake Trekking:

Duration: 1 Day
Trek grade: Easy
Best Time to Visit: Any Time

Bhardwaj Lake guide

How to Reach Bhardwaj Lake Asola

This lake is a picnic spot, where people go trekking. Nearby is the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are also planning a trip here to spend your one-day holiday, then it is very important for you to know, how to reach Bharadwaj Lake Asola?

The nearest metro station to is Badarpur Border Violet Line. From here the distance of Lake and Asola Wildlife Sanctuary is 12 kilometers. After coming to the metro station, you can go to the lake by cab or auto-rickshaw.

While you are planning to visit, make Camp Wild Dhauj your base camp, which is a great adventure campsite with a luxury of amenities. From here the distance of Camp Wild is 22 km. You can easily reach the camp by taking a 45 minutes’ drive.

Bhardwaj Lake Nearest Metro Station

Badarpur Metro Station on the violet line is the nearest metro station to Bhardwaj Lake, Faridabad. Bhardwaj Lake distance from the Badarpur metro station is 11 km and it takes around 15 minutes to reach by auto or rickshaw.

Things To Do In Bhardwaj Lake

Bhardwaj Lake is a human-made, second in the series of 5 hidden lakes in Delhi NCR. The location is perfect to trek with family, embellished with beautiful green scenery, wrapped up in the mountains and silently flowing lakes. You can experience trekking in the semi-arid forest through rocky paths and witness the silent beauty of the lakes. Trek through the unexplored areas and explore nature from the close and make your day more interesting.

Explore the Lake

Bhardwaj Lake is best to trek on weekends that lie within the boundaries of the sanctuary. It is the human-made lake that has remained unexplored for many years and gained popularity among cyclists, trekkers, adventure junkies, and casual explorers a few years back. Visitors can experience wildlife such as beautiful butterflies, rabbits, antelopes (Blue Bulls) roaming around the lake, bluish lake, and lush greenery here.

Sightseeing At Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

The entire Bhardwaj Lake revolves around Asola Wildlife Sanctuary. The beauty of the lake depends on the attributes that the Asola wildlife sanctuary offers. Even though the forest trail is filled with thorny branches, the ride through the forest will amaze the adventure seekers. There is a lot to do, from cycling on the Rocky Mountains amid mangrove forests to trekking through the thorny bushes. However, there are a few uphill sections on the trek that are not suitable to ride on.


It is quite hard to witness the scenic scenes near Delhi NCR. If you’re a true nature lover and desperate to capture the natural beauty in your camera every time you see it, How to reach Bhardwaj Lake Delhi can offer you many mesmerizing views. Whether you want to capture the pleasing weather or water amid hills, lush green forests, or wildlife sanctuary, can offer you a complete package of different photography experiences.

Is Bhardwaj Lake Safe? Here are the tips to consider

It is an unexplored place and not extremely popular among tourists. So, it is important to take a few things into account before you start trekking.

  • It is a one-day picnic spot and you will hardly get any shops there, Bhardwaj Lake guide so you should carry plenty of water, snacks, dry fruits and eatables with you.
  • The forests are thorny, and the routes are rocky. Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit with you because you may get hurt anywhere while trekking.
  • You would not require money there, so keep less money with you.
  • This place is not to be explored alone because the area has minimum Bhardwaj Lake guide network connectivity. So always plan to visit there with your family or friends group.
  • Also, cross-check the vehicle you’re traveling with, be it a cycle, bike, or car. Keep the spare parts, puncture kit, and an air pump to fix the parts in case of an emergency.

To explore more hidden gems, stay tuned with us. We’re curious to Wildlife in discover unexplored destinations and share reviews with our friends and travel junkies.

Why is Bhardwaj Lake called Death Valley?

The water in this valley is naturally crystal clear and blue. According to legend, Wildlife in Bhardwaj Lake guide miners dug here to a depth where they came in contact with groundwater, causing the quarry areas of the nearby mines to develop into natural lakes.

Where is Bhardwaj Lake situated?

Near Faridabad, on the boundary of Delhi and Haryana, is Bharadwaj Lake.

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