UK Family Hit Over 1 Crore Medical Bills After Travel Insurance Blunder

UK Family Hit Over 1 Crore Medical Bills After Travel Insurance Blunder

The family advises travelers to review their insurance as errors in filling out the form may result in the cancellation of the insurance policy.

Imagine enjoying a hassle-free vacation ending up with a medical bill of 100,000 pounds (Rs 1,05,66,245) because of a simple error in your travel insurance policy. This is the tragedy of a British family. They are now warning other travelers of the need to carefully review their insurance policies to avoid costly mistakes. According to the BBC, West Sussex residents Roberto and Masha Katalinic took their daughter Katya to Kenya for a family Christmas holiday. When her parents returned to the UK in the New Year, Katya decided to stay on to complete nursing school in South Africa and suffered a heart attack. Waking up in an unfamiliar hospital, the 18-year-old found himself unable to speak or read, feeling helpless despite his condition.

“I can no longer speak or read, and I feel like a baby. “I don’t know anything.”

The family’s hopes for their daughter’s treatment were dashed when their insurer, Axa, refused to cover her £100,000 medical bill, citing incorrect information on the claim form.

Axa said the policy was invalid because Miss Katalinic’s trip to South Africa started in Kenya and not the UK. “There may be ‘the journey must start in the UK’, which I think; well, it started in the UK; it didn’t start anywhere else. The journey has started here in Midhurst, UK,” Mr Katalinic told him. BBC. Miss Katalinic is now warning others: “You see stories about other people and think it’s a terrible thing to happen to them, but you don’t really understand what’s going to happen to you , so make sure everything is in. order. order, and you’re covered and everything will be fine.”

In a statement, Axa told the BBC: “The statement displayed at the point of purchase asks the buyer to confirm that all the details are true, including “that everyone named in the policy goes to and from in the Uni-kingdom” and that. “Your journey has not yet begun.”

“At this time, the responses given did not match Miss Katalinic’s situation and this was only discovered after her complaint. The policy was canceled when we discovered it was incorrect, and Miss Katalinic was refunded in full.

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