Travel sharing apps or all booking apps have become an important part of our life. When you book a vehicle on the go or a hotel room, life just got a lot easier with these apps. But booking a private jet is still not that simple and easy. You often need a broker to help you book one. But no more, here’s Flewber, an app that helps you with real-time private jet bookings.

Flying privately and its advantages

There are a number of perks beyond the privacy that a traveler gets on a private jet. You can choose the time that works best for your schedule and arrive as early as 15 minutes. You don’t have to be part of the busy airport and also board directly from the runway.

Perfect for the jet set

Flewber has access to over 9,000 aircraft, the largest of which can carry 18 passengers, and 1,900 airports, including private runways inaccessible to most travelers. You can also search by address or point of interest as well as airport codes to find the runways closest to your starting point and final destination. The app is perfect for last minute travelers as you can be on the go in 24 hours.

Making private air travel efficient

Travelers just need to open the app, choose the number of passengers, enter the departure and arrival destinations and choose a date and time. Once you have chosen a flight, you can book or make an offer. Booking gives you an instant quote, while the offer gives you the opportunity to save up to 60 percent on your charter. Also, there are no membership fees associated with the Flewber app.

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