Join These Groups If You Want to Travel Solo and Explore The World With Strangers

Join These Groups If You Want to Travel Solo and Explore The World With Strangers

Solo travel is an adventure that everyone should look for at least once in their lifetime. The obstacles and difficulties, in the beginning, are worth it for the fun, excitement and adrenaline. Traveling alone doesn’t always have to be just because you can interact with other solo travelers and build bonds. The interesting thing is that you can travel alone and venture to all corners of the world with a group of complete strangers. Even if you are afraid of your first trip, people are there to accompany you on the journey. Solo travelers and adventure enthusiasts like you join and scour the world for memories and experiences. Here are some groups you can join for your solo travels, travel in a group with strangers, and create memories for a lifetime.

Wow Club, Travel for women

To overcome your fear of traveling alone, something like “WOW Club” will help you the most. They are one of the leading travel groups that have been planning trips for women for years. Their top priority is the safety of women and providing the best facilities when it comes to safety. Whether you are eager to explore India or take a leap overseas, they are experts in organizing travel for you around the world.

Women on Clouds

“A one-stop destination for women for all things travel, day plans and meetings is ‘Women on Clouds.’ This travel club organizes trips for adventure-seeking women who travel far and wide to create brilliant experiences. Plus, they organize fun events and outings to make women’s special days memorable.


Jugni is another travel company that organizes trips for female travelers, both national and international. Going to an unknown land with a group of unknown but similar and supportive women increases the confidence of travelers to take a leap of faith and travel alone. This is where “Jugni” comes in and puts together the perfect trips where you travel as a group but you also get those “solo vibes”.

Wander Womaniya | Women’s Trip

“Wander Womaniya” organizes safe and secure trips for women traveling alone where every woman can meet and explore the world together. These female-only group tours aren’t exactly “solo travel” experiences, but they’re still an adventurous time in your life. You will go out into the world with groups of women and create bonds with them that will be worth remembering for a lifetime.


The experience of traveling with “WanderingJane” will be different from the others. They have “local experts” in various destinations to help travelers discover the best and live unique experiences. To create the most special memories and travel to your favorite places, you can definitely join Wandering Jane.

Chindi Safari

Most of us want to travel the world, but most of us take a step back because of the large amount of money we spend on the journey. Well, cheap travel is always a great solution for such situations, but there is also another interesting alternative for these times. Take a trip with “Chindi Safar” and travel alone with a group of new people. They are perfect if you want to explore India on a budget.

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