Canada Asks Citizens In India To ‘Stay Vigilant & Cautious’ Updating Travel Advisory

Canada Asks Citizens In India To ‘Stay Vigilant & Cautious’ Updating Travel Advisory

An updated government advisory issued by the Canadian government warned its citizens in India to be cautious and vigilant. The updated advisory comes after tensions between the two countries have risen over the recent spat between India and Canada. The updated advisory also lists conditions in India for which Canadian citizens should avoid non-essential travel. Here’s what you need to know about Canada’s updated travel advice for India. Canadians in India urged to be vigilant

The Canadian government recently issued updated travel advisories. It warned its citizens who may be traveling to India now to be careful. It asked its citizens to be vigilant because of the recent developments between India and Canada.

According to an article recently published in Livemint, this is because there is a “negative opinion” in Canada in the social media and calls for protest in the country. The announcement comes after the Indian government suspended all visa operations in Canada.

India is also going to delist more than a dozen OCI card holders. OCI is an overseas citizenship of India and is granted to people from India, which allows them to live and work in India, along with their spouses, indefinitely. The registration of a large number of OCI card holders is being canceled due to their pro Khalisti activities and anti-India propaganda. Places Canadians should avoid according to travel advisories

The advisory also publishes a list of places Canadian citizens should avoid visiting. According to the advisory, all non-essential travel to northeastern regions like Assam and Manipal should be avoided. Additionally, areas like Jammu and Kashmir should be avoided completely.

The advisory also recommends suspending all travel to areas India shares a border with Pakistan. In the announcement, it was written that the conflict between the two neighboring countries is changing suddenly and that Canadian citizens may face difficulties if they travel to these areas.

Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat are some places advised to avoid travel to.

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