Canada Issues New Travel Advisory For India: ‘Extremely Cautious…Threat of Terrorism’

Canada Issues New Travel Advisory For India: ‘Extremely Cautious…Threat of Terrorism’

The Canadian government has updated its travel advisory asking its citizens to avoid all travel to Jammu and Kashmir “due to the unpredictable security situation.”

The Canadian government on Tuesday upgraded its travel advisory asking its citizens to avoid all travel to the Jammu and Kashmir region “due to the precarious security situation”, thus fueling tensions between the countries. The next two accusations by Canada and the Indian government may be. was involved in the killing of Khalistan extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June.

“Avoid all travel to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir due to the precarious security situation. There are threats of terrorism, militancy, civil unrest and kidnappings. The advisory excludes travel to or within the Union Territory of Ladakh,” Canada said in an advisory for India, calling it “extremely cautious.”

The latest development comes despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s request on Tuesday for India to deal “seriously” with Canada’s allegations of New Delhi’s involvement in Nijjar’s killing, Washington said. Canada’s concession led to the expulsion of an Indian intelligence official from Canada and Canada’s top diplomat in New Delhi.

“India should take this matter seriously. We’re doing this, we don’t want to offend or offend,” Trudeau told reporters.

Canada said on Monday it had “credible allegations” that officials linked to New Delhi were responsible for the June 18 killing of Nijjar, a Canadian citizen, outside a Sikh cultural center in Vancouver. Narendra Modi’s government called Canada’s accusations “absurd.”

However, Trudeau said on Tuesday that his statement was not meant to “stir up tension” in New Delhi. “We don’t want to offend or hurt. We’re telling the truth as we understand them,” he said Tuesday morning in Ottawa, according to CBC public broadcaster. “The Government of India should take this matter seriously. This is what we’re doing,” Trudeau said, a day after speaking at the House of Commons in Ottawa that expelled India’s ambassador. India summoned Canadian Ambassador Cameron MacKay to the Foreign Ministry and informed him of New Delhi’s decision to expel Canada’s ambassador, Canada’s chief intelligence officer in India.

“This decision reflects the growing concern of the Indian government over the interference of the Canadian embassy in our internal affairs and involvement in anti-Indian activities,” a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later said. “Anything that a foreign government does to kill a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty. This goes against the basic principles of a free, open and democratic society that governs itself,” Trudeau said on Monday. The accusations are widely seen as damaging relations between the two countries, which have been at an all-time low due to pro-Khalistan activities in Canada, including the holding of a so-called referendum in separate homeland for the Sikhs and purpose. of the Indian diplomatic corps. and inciting violence against Indian leaders.

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