World’s Most Powerful Country* For 2023; INDIA Gets 12th Rank

World’s Most Powerful Country* For 2023; INDIA Gets 12th Rank

In the 2023 World Power Rankings released recently by US News & World Report*, the United States, China and Russia retained their undisputed positions as the most powerful countries in the world. The survey, which was carried out as part of the “Best Countries” study, included 17,000 people’s questions and their opinions in 87 different countries. This ranking assesses the country’s influence by taking into account factors such as political, economic and military power, as perceived by respondents.

United States of America

The findings suggest the United States as the ‘dominant global force,’ and the country has retained its top position in the power rankings. The publication highlighted the USA’s leading status as the world’s largest economy, boasting a GDP of $25.5 trillion, and its distinction as the ‘most technologically advanced’ nation.

Additionally, the report acknowledged the US as the primary producer of oil and natural gas globally, with the largest coal reserves. Plus, it has been found that the country’s extensive media industry has far-reaching influence, along with its pivotal roles within international organizations including the United Nations and NATO.


According to studies, China is the second largest country in the world in terms of area and economy. Although the rapid growth of China’s economy since 1978 has lifted millions of people out of poverty, it has also caused problems such as inequality and pollution. Tensions in countries like the United States, over human rights concerns, remain, the report added. Moreover, China’s nuclear capabilities and its participation in international organizations have the effect of strengthening its status as a power.


Russia, despite its war with Ukraine, retained third place, the study suggests. Its broad borders, large size, major industries such as energy and manufacturing, cultural gifts, and history and space exploration strengthen its position. Russia is also a member of important countries such as the G20 and the United Nations Security Council.


This study attributes Germany’s high ranking to its strong international ties and strong economic influence. As the EU’s most populous country with one of the world’s largest economies, known for its large-scale trade, Germany’s global reach is remarkable. It participates in various international organizations such as the UN, EU, NATO and OECD, thereby strengthening its reputation. Germany is also known for its contributions in various fields, although it faces challenges, including its aging population.

United Kingdom

This study mentions the great influence of the United Kingdom in the world and its historical heritage as the British Empire. It is recognized as a developed country with great global influence in politics, economy, culture and science. London’s status as a major global financial center and its top universities add to its appeal. Although the UK participates in various international organizations and has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, its global role faces new uncertainties after Brexit.

South Korea

This study shows that South Korea’s high potential is due to its military strength and strong exports. The country actively participates in international organizations such as the UN, G20 and the World Trade Organization. With a large national security fund and a large amount of foreign investment, South Korea is a big game. South Korea’s high-tech economy and service sector is seen as a success story for foreign investment, making it one of the world’s largest economies.


Studies show France as a long-established country with one of the strongest economies in the world, fueled by tourism. It is a leading global tourist destination and a major arms exporter. It is said that the degree of sustainability of France, compared to that of 2022, is a strong international connection and its economic influence in various areas, including culture.


The study added that Japan is one of the most educated and technologically advanced countries in the world. Considered as the third largest economy in the world and a producer of automobiles, electronics and steel, Japan has the fourth largest economic impact in the world, according to the survey. Its quality is still falling from last year.

Saudi Arabia

The study highlighted that Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest supplier of oil, accounting for a quarter of global oil production. The country is a founding member of OPEC, a member of the World Trade Organization and a destination for millions of Muslim pilgrims every year. Saudi Arabia moved up two places from 11th in the ranking, mainly due to its greater economic and political influence.

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