Myanmar Will Issue Visas On Arrival To Indians And Chinese; Hope To Stimulate Tourism

Myanmar Will Issue Visas On Arrival To Indians And Chinese; Hope To Stimulate Tourism

Myanmar is a beautiful country and traveling here may become easy for Indians soon. Based on recent developments, Myanmar is considering issuing visas on arrival to Indians and Chinese passport holders. This facility will make it easier for tourists to visit the city and discover its culture. Here are all the details you need to know about this development.

Myanmar To Soon Offer Visa On Arrival To Indians

According to a report recently published by IndiaTimes, Myanmar recently announced plans to issue visas on arrival to Indian passport holders in China. This means that Indian and Chinese passport holders will no longer need to apply for a visa in advance if they plan to visit the country. Currently, Indians can apply for a visa online or visit a Myanmar embassy. The visa will be issued in the immigration and judicial process for one year. The report also said that tourists will be allowed to visit all the sites except some restricted areas.

This change in their visa policy may be an attempt to attract more tourists to the country, which will boost their economy. Myanmar opened to tourists in 2011 and many tourists love the culture and beauty of the country.

Efforts to boost tourism in the country, The report also said that the Ministry of Tourism plans to attract more Russian tourists, because the two countries are partners. Since the country is experiencing political turmoil, the United States of America and even Australia have advised not to travel to the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly affected tourism in Myanmar in 2020. Since then, he has been struggling to get back on track. It is expected that the new visa and immigration policy will attract more tourists and encourage them to explore the beauty and culture of the country. However, travelers are advised to do proper research before going there.

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