Chocolate Parantha With Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Parantha With Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Parantha With Vanilla Ice Cream. Combination food tests have gained out of influence of late. Individuals get abnormal thoughts and they really execute them, likely stirring up a lot of disappointment for foodies. From individuals adding eggs to gol gappe to road sellers making Maggi frozen yogurt rolls, chocolate paan frozen yogurt and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The rundown of odd food patterns is perpetual. We’ve found one more odd sweet-hot food pattern that could confound you. It’s a chocolate paratha with vanilla frozen yogurt.

The New Food Fusion


Digital content creator Shikha Shetty posted a video on her Instagram account. She shared a recipe for Chocolate Paratha with Vanilla Ice cream and chocolate chips. The video has sparked discussions among Netizens. Some people said they wanted to try it, and others were not very convinced.

The clip shows chocolate chips being stuffed into a dough and rolled into a paratha. After preparing the paratha, it is topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Sweet-Spicy Fusion Dish: Netizens mixed reactions

She subtitled the video “This blend will knock your socks off !!! 🔥🤩Chocolate Paratha with Vanilla Frozen yogurt and Chocolate Chips… Attempt it and say thanks to me later 😇.”

Since the video was shared it has gotten 194k perspectives, 3959 preferences, and a few remarks.

“This is truly the level of “kuch bhee” !!! What a lemon show” remarked a client. “Noooo please khane ko jeene do jaan mat lo” remarked another client. “Development k naam pe kch bhi… ..hadd h,” composed third.

Notwithstanding, a few clients likewise shared that they will attempt it soon.

Indeed, what is your take on this sweet-fiery combination dish? Can allow us to say whether you are keen on giving this a shot.

Cover picture civility: CFO Instagram

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