A Stunning Natural Beauty Gira Falls In Gujarat

A Stunning Natural Beauty Gira Falls In Gujarat

A Stunning Natural Beauty Gira Falls In Gujarat. Gujarat, the westernmost territory of India is home to numerous stunning falls thanks to its property based nature and lavish environmental elements. One such serene fall is Gira Cascades situated close to Waghai. The flowing Gira cascades are hypnotizing during the rainstorm and are quite possibly of Gujarat’s most picturesque fascination. Around 3 km from Waghai town, Gira falls is a 30-meter normal cascade in the Ambika Waterway.

Great Spot For Those Travelling From Saputara Towards Surat

Gira Falls, otherwise called Giradudh, begins over the Kapri Stream and ultimately streams into the Ambika waterway. The cascade is around 75 feet high. What’s more, the speed of the water racing into the stream makes a foggy and captivating air. The cascade is an incredible prevent for those heading out from Saputara to Surat. A short trip of 1 km is all you want to arrive at the cascade. Witness the power and excellence of this water body at all its brilliance.

The Perfect Family Picnic Spot


Gira Falls is the perfect spot to unwind from your mundane life. You can visit this picnic spot with your family and friends. There are many picnic huts near Gira Falls and a variety of small tea and snack stands. Tourists also visit the beautiful Waghai Botanical Gardens nearby. Also, there are a wide variety of trees, and plants, that just adds to the lush greenery and top-notch views.

How To Reach Gira Falls?

The nearest railway station to Gira Falls is Waghai. And Bilimora in Gujarat is the best starting point to reach the waterfalls. The distance from Billimora to Gira Falls is 65 km. It’s a 22 km drive away.  People residing near Surat and Saputara can rent a jeep to reach this spot.


Likewise, photography close to the cascades isn’t permitted. So remember this. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you truly need great pictures you can utilize a robot.

Thus, people enjoy some time off from your chaotic life and unwind for some time at this normal excellence.

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