Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling With Naga Food

Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling With Naga Food

Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling

Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling With Naga Food. Dim mountains, some privately prepared wine, musical gang exemplary to stick to and the night is made! It’s far better in the event that the energy around itself discusses the music. This wooden cabin, Gun Inn arranged in Darjeeling is a recognition for The Beatles and has legitimized it flawlessly. The sovereign of slopes has been customarily alive on both Western and Eastern music impacts and that is where Pistol Lodging takes its motivation from. Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling With Naga Food.

Gun Lodging has five unattractive and comfortable rooms and furthermore a family suite for your most agreeable stay. Other than that, it offers different foods including Chinese and Mainland to the neighborhood Naga cooking which they invest heavily in.

Revolver Hotel’s Naga Food is Worth The Hype

They get ready food just on pre-orders to guarantee you have the best insight and would constantly need to return to it. Being the main spot in Darjeeling to serve Naga food, it gives us the best motivation to visit the inn no less than once during our outing.

They serve everything, from an assortment of matured bamboo shoots alongside the meat of decision to smoked and dried bamboo shoots. Likewise, don’t pass up the smoked pork presented with Axone, which is aged soybean. One more dish served here is smoked pork with Aanishi (dried and smoked mash of Sweet potato leaves).

Furthermore, the best part is the reasonableness of the dishes.

Nights At Revolver Hotel… Beatles Themed Lodge In Darjeeling With Naga Food

While they don’t flaunt the most extravagant stay, they really do flaunt their comfortable melodic energy. You can lease a space for a night at a rate as modest as ₹1800 and a suite for just ₹2100. The view from the room is stunning. Besides, there are additionally lives with a wilderness view which will cause you to feel like you are dozing under an overhang.

The nightfall peeping through Mt. Kanchunjunga’s snow-shrouded top is unequivocal to make it your best night of all time. And this is all supplemented by individuals playing the guitar and murmuring tunes. At Gun, you can never not hear a melody!

Each edge of Gun is a declaration to music and culture. A spot so insightfully organized and planned that will make for a lifetime experience!

Where: 110 Gandhi Street, Behind Association Church, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

Cost for an evening: begins from ₹1800

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