Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens

Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens
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Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens

Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens. Subsequent to being shut during the rainstorm, Assam’s exceptionally popular Pobitora Natural life Safe-haven has at last made its ways for travelers. This hold is known for being home to the outlandish Indian unicorn rhinoceros. As indicated by reports, Assam Climate and Ranger service Priest Chandra Mohan Patowary was the principal visitor at the resuming. Jagiroad MLA Piyush Hazarika was likewise present there.

 Elephant Safaris

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Pobitora is an incredible spot to visit and partake in some elephant safaris. A safari brings you profound into the safe-haven to encounter its actual excellence. Feel the wild nature and see creatures and birds from a good ways. It tends to be a satisfying encounter for your eyes

Great Place For Animal And Nature Enthusiasts

Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens

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Pobitora is a dream destination for passionate animal and nature lovers. You can reach it in about an hour’s drive via a road that runs alongside the Brahmaputra River. The kingdom is home to magnificent migratory birds, wild boars, golden jackals, rhesus monkeys, barking deer, Indian leopards, etc.

 The Largest Number Of One-Horned Rhinos

Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens

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At about a two-hour drive from Guwahati on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River lies the incredibly spectacular Pobitora Plain and Brahi Mayon, which make up the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. This Wildlife sanctuary is home to the highest number of endangered unicorn rhinos.

Pobitora Has Various Other Viewpoints Also

Pobitora Sanctuary In Assam Reopens

Pobitora is a great place for a day trip from Guwahati. Besides safaris, there are other attractions such as boat trips, camping, Mayong Village, Dolphin Viewpoint, Sunset Point, and Narashinga Mandir. You can also enjoy the vast farmlands, local herds of cattle, etc. here.

Bird Sanctuary

The reserve is also known for hosting a wide variety of bird species, including seasonal migratory birds. Beels and perennial water bodies serve as breeding grounds for a variety of fish, attracting a wide variety of animals as well as birds.

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