5 Coolest Hostels To Order in Mumbai If You Are Traveling With a Limited Budget

5 Coolest Hostels To Order in Mumbai If You Are Traveling With a Limited Budget

It’s not new that Mumbai is a city that is quite expensive. Lakh people travel to dream cities every year for various reasons from travel to problems related to health. People from other states might think that getting accommodation in Mumbai can burn a large hole in your pocket, but it’s not entirely true. You can get many pocket-friendly alternatives in Mumbai if you are traveling on a limited budget. There is an alternative to anything and everything in this city and all you need to do is research properly before booking your hotel. The best accommodation when traveling on a budget is a backpacker hostel and the city has many of them. Let’s look at some of the coolest hostels in Mumbai if you are traveling on a limited budget.

Mumbai Station Dorm

What can be a better way to describe the hippy vibes than Bob Dylan’s portraits, bright colors, and local touches in art? This hostel has it all. Saving the best for the last, Mumbai Staycation Dorm is one of the best and the coolest hostels in the city. Located in Andheri East, you can stay here for around ₹500 per person per night. And the best part is that you will get access to free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, free books to read there, a gaming place, and even a common area with a TV.

The next time you are in Mumbai, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on your accommodation anymore. Visit any of these hostels the next time for the coolest stay.

Backpackers Villa

Nestled in Andheri, Backpackers Villa provides room to the people at an unbelievably cheap price. The place is quite cosy and looks nice too. You can easily spot the place for its cool graffiti right at the entrance. Backpackers villa is the perfect place to stay for people who are travelling on a budget.


How can we make a list of the best hostels without including Zostel in it? Nestled in Andheri, this zostel has quite some touches of Mumbai and Bollywood. The exciting part of this hostel is that you can get access to deluxe rooms and suites if you are visiting with your partner or your family. Do not forget to grab a bite from their cafe as they make some delicious meals. The best part of staying here is its pet dogs. You will never notice how you have spent time playing with these cute pets.


One of the coolest stays in Bandra under a budget is Co-Hostel. The place has hippy vibes and quite a cool atmosphere. The price for a night is less than 1000 and with this much money, you can get air-conditioned rooms, a rooftop area for spending time, cozy beds, and even a kitchen.

Backpacker Panda

Backpackers Panda is a very popular hostel throughout India. Located near Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, this hostel is loved by people for its quirky vibes. The location is perfect and literally at the centre of everything. The price range starts from around 800 and you can get well-furnished rooms with a coffee machine and a private bathroom too. You can even get an amazing view of the entire city from the terrace.

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