5 Loneliest Beach in India No One Tells You

5 Loneliest Beach in India No One Tells You

What if you revoke the chaos to the world where almost no one besides the sound of the waves sounds the hardest? India has some spectacular beaches that are very lonely and will allow you to experience close relationships with soothing nature and sea breeze. Most of these beaches are located far from the area – the area is popular and therefore still has not been explored. Here is a list of such 6 beaches in India that may not have told you about:

Om Beach

This beach in Karnataka has derived its name from its shape. The beach is formed by two semi-crescent shapes and resembles the Om symbol. Located around 6 kilometers away from the Gokarna bus terminal, the beach offers adventure activities like surfing and parasailing too.


Located an hour’s drive from Baga, Keri is one of the most pristine and cleanest beaches in Goa. Bereft of shacks and crowd, this beach is a secluded one where serenity can be enjoyed at its best. The Tiracol Fort is also visible from the beach.


This virgin beach is a true hidden gem in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra tucked behind lush green forests with almost zero commercialization. Being untouched, the beach looks stunning, with a touch of adventure. 5 Serene Beaches Near Mumbai With Fewer Tourists & More Beauty


This beach sits by a fisherman’s village and overlooks splendid casuarina trees. At this beach, brackish water fish cultivation is carried out. There is also a Research Centre museum near the beach operated by the Department of Fisheries. Junput is roughly 4 hours drive from Kolkata.


Balighai is one of the calmest beaches in Odisha located on the Puri-Konark stretch at the mouth of river Nuanai.  The beach is around 8 kilometers northeast of Puri. It is one of the most ideal beaches to catch stunning sunrises. During winters, you might also spot olive ridley turtles on this beach. Over 2 Crore Olive Ridley Hatchlings Crawl Into Sea At Odisha Beach.

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