Best Water Parks in Delhi You Must Try This Summer

delhi water parks

Summers in Delhi are brutal. While you are curling up with a good movie and blowing up the air conditioner seems like the only thing you want to do on a hot summer day, we have other great and fun options you might think of. Here are the best In Delhi NCR water park you must try this summer

Home to India’s rich cultural diversity, Delhi is famous for its extreme and harsh climatic conditions. Being a landlocked state, there is no way to escape the nearby sea beaches. However, with the help of technology and recent advances, Delhi has climbed the ranks by boasting of India’s best amusement parks and water parks. The places feel like nothing less than a paradise, especially during the scorching heat with fun rides and slides along with many other activities.

We’ve come up with a great plan to beat the heat, with a variety of options. Check out these 10 best Delhi NCR water parks for a fun filled weekend.

Delhi Best Water Parks

Best Water Parks in Delhi You Must Try This Summer

Just Chill Water Park

Just Chill, one of Delhi’s newest amusement parks, can be the perfect weekend to cool off during the brutal summer.

The whimsical Black Thrill takes you on a journey that will leave you completely stunned, while other attractions like Rainbow Godzilla and Katrina Twist live up to their whimsical names. A variety of adventure games at Just Chill are just the recipe for unbridled fun.

  • Price: Rs. 900
  • Location: GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Adventure Island

Located within the premises of the Metro Walk Mall, Adventure Island is made up of 25 mind-boggling attractions that will leave you stunned.

One of the busiest amusement parks in Delhi, this place also offers excellent food and entertainment and an option to spend time in the mall for those in your group who don’t like amusement parks.

Every weekend, the nights here are filled with adults and children alike, and there is a lively atmosphere with great music, dance performances and much more fun.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 550, Adults at Rs. 650, Senior Citizens at Rs. 350
  • Location: Rohini

Fun N Food Village

There is a 400-foot-long water channel called the Lazy River, perfect for cooling off under the harsh Delhi sun. With over 40 rides in total combining fun and water, it is among the oldest amusement parks in Delhi-NCR.

Head here with your friends and family for a weekend. There is something here for everyone, regardless of age.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 500, Adults at Rs. 1000
  • Location: Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road

Splash – The Water Park

Located in the middle of nature, Splash has a combination of water and rides.

Cyclone Family Slide, Mushroom Fall, Harakiri, and multi-lane slides are sure to leave your heart in your mouth, which is why we recommend all adrenaline junkies to try them.

  • Price: Rs. 800
  • Location: North Delhi

Delhi NCR Best Water Parks

Best Water Parks in Delhi NCR You Must Try This Summer

Drizzling Land, Ghaziabad

Drizzling Land is a “water adventure park”, as they are called, and is located on the Delhi-Meerut highway. It has exciting attractions for people of all ages.

Revolving Tower, Wave Pool, Disc Coaster are some of the attractions you should pay attention to. There is also a children’s area dedicated to the little ones and slightly older children.

Rooms are available for those wishing to stay more than one day.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 450, Adults at Rs. 550
  • Location: Ghaziabad

Ffunmax, Faridabad

Ffunmax consists of a water park, an amusement park and a party lawn.

Spread over a large area, Ffunmax offers thrilling rides, slides and pools including frisbee, breakdance, giant wheel, frog, carousel, sun and moon, toy train, body slide, tube slide, multi-lane, rain dance, waves in the pool, family pool, children’s rides and more.

If you are in Faridabad, you simply can’t miss this place. It has attractions for everyone, so regardless of age, you are sure to have a great time.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 600, Adults at Rs. 700
  • Location: Faridabad

Worlds of Wonder, Noida

Worlds of Wonder is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia. This amusement park has around 20 spooky attractions to have a really exciting and fun time.

It also has a water park with around 26 thrill rides that you should definitely try.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 450 , Adults at Rs. 690, Senior citizens at Rs. 200
  • Location: Noida

Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat

There are around 30 life-sized dinosaurs like Carnotaurus and Velociraptor found throughout this park, some even growling and shaking their heads!

Amusement and water park near Delhi also offers accommodations. With 21 attractions, 6 thrilling slides and a special event area, this is the ideal option for a weekend outing with family and friends.

  • Price: Rs. 1000
  • Location: Sonipat

Aapno Ghar, Gurgaon

Among the first amusement parks born in New Delhi, Aapno Ghar is perhaps also the one that people like the most. An ideal option for a family weekend away, it offers entertainment for all ages.

This place also has around 42 rooms to accommodate guests who wish to spend more than a day here. They also serve a variety of Indian and continental food in the restaurant.

  • Price: Rs. 750
  • Location: National Highway 8, Gurgaon

Appu Ghar, Oysters Beach Water Park, Gurgaon

As one of the oldest water parks, Appu Ghar has been revamped with newer and more fun attractions. Renamed Oysters Water Park, a cutting-edge rainforest-induced theme is captivating and quite an experience even for a team outing.

A 90-feet slide called Free Fall is one of the tallest in India, while Oh My Gurgaon throws it into a 45-degree loop, making Appu Ghar one of Gurgaon’s most thrilling amusement parks.

  • Price: Rs. 1200
  • Location: Gurgaon
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