Finland Became The First Country in The World To Test Digital Travel Documents

Finland Became The First Country in The World To Test Digital Travel Documents

The Finnish Defense Ministry has announced that Finns will be the first in the world to test digital travel documents starting today, August 28.

According to border guards, all Finns on board Finnair flights to London, Manchester and Edinburgh will be able to test for digital travel documents. This means that they will have the opportunity to go through the control quickly without waiting for a long time, reports.

“Finnish border guards invite passengers on Finnair flights to Great Britain to test their digital travel documents during border control at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from August 28, 2023. “Finnair customers on the London, Manchester and Edinburgh routes have the opportunity to go through border control faster and easier than before, without queuing,” said a statement from Finnish border guards.

As explained, travelers will be able to complete the process quickly by registering as volunteers of the digital travel document. Once registered, they will be able to use their digital documents when traveling in Finland.

However, it has been shown that the document can only be tested at Helsinki Airport. Those who register to the system will be able to test the digital travel document until the end of February 2024.

Digital travel documents, known as DTC (Digital Travel Credentials), are being tested for the first time in the world, according to the border guards. DTC is a digital version of physical passport, and it is as reliable as the last one. “The DTC is a digital version of the physical passport and it is reliable. This allows you to cross the border easily without compromising security,” says the Finnish border guard.

Finland’s decision to test a digital travel document follows the European Commission’s desire for some member states to run pilot projects to gain experience.

Once the required information is collected, the committee plans to come up with a plan for the implementation of this project in all other states. The company supports this project and wants to make the travel process easier for everyone.

If this project, which Finland will implement today, proves successful, travelers will no longer need physical travel documents in the future. At the same time, other modes of transportation will also be easier.

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