This Airline Introduces An “Adults Only” Zone, Where Children Are Not Allowed

This Airline Introduces An “Adults Only” Zone, Where Children Are Not Allowed

How about an option that gives you the option to choose your passenger on your next flight? Well, if possible, most people would prefer to avoid screaming babies or young people who complain like passengers. To help travelers succeed, there are airlines that have come up with great options. It has launched a plan that will include a large adult-only residence in one of its main routes.

According to reports, the European carrier Corendon will fly a child-free zone on its 10 flights from Amsterdam to the Caribbean island of Curacao. Anyone choosing this option will be charged 45 Euros ($49 USD) for a standard seat or $100 for an XL seat for the privilege of sitting in the adults-only area. According to reports, the first 12 rows of the Airbus A350-900 flying on the route will include 93 standard seats and 9 additional seats, which will be separated from other aircraft.

Note that this plan will follow a strict over 16 rule, which means that only those who are 16 years of age or older will be able to enjoy this facility. In this regard, the airline issued a press release stating that this area of ​​the plane is for passengers traveling without children and business travelers who want to work in a quiet environment, adding that it will also benefit the parents of the children. don’t worry about disturbing other passengers. This system will also help passengers and children on board not to worry if their children are making noise, because they will not have to worry about children disturbing other passengers. The report added that Corendon’s flight with an Adults Only Zone will begin on November 3.

Other airlines have reportedly started similar initiatives in recent years, including AirAsia X, which has offered quiet zones on its planes to ban under-10s from boarding, and Scoot’s Scoot-in-Silence zone of Singapore for those over 12 years old. It was also reported that other popular airlines on this route, such as TUI, KLM and Transavia, added that they have no plans to introduce adults-only areas on their flights, although passengers are still I like the idea.

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