It is reported that Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), the operator of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), has received several requests from airlines for flight cancellations due to the G20 summit. 2023, which is scheduled to take place on September 9 and 10. However, this is different from other reports and this demand is not due to the lack of an airport. In this regard, DIAL released a statement saying that it is proud of India’s role as the host of the

G20 Summit 2023. It added that the current news about flight cancellations has nothing to do with parking, as they already did. provided sufficient space for the required parking space. Read more: Cash theft: Thieves climb treacherous Swiss mountains to steal money from gift boxes! The statement went on to add that the airlines made the decision to cancel flights, mainly due to traffic restrictions due to the G20 summit. He added that about 80 arrivals and 80 departures could be canceled as they promised to work together with the airlines to reduce any problems caused by passengers.

If reports are to be believed, 1,000 flights may be rescheduled or canceled during these days. Reports also said that some passengers were also asked to change their flights and divert them to other airports. September 8 has been declared a public holiday in Delhi due to the G20 summit, while September 7 is a public holiday for Janmashtami. Travelers looking for a long weekend away from the city can also plan ahead. Also, Delhi Police advised people to allow more time for their journey as the roads may face major traffic problems during this time.

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