From ITO to Yamuna Bazar, The Rising Water Level of Yamuna River Floods Parts of Delhi

From ITO to Yamuna Bazar, The Rising Water Level of Yamuna River Floods Parts of Delhi

Delhites are having a tough time due to the incessant rains for the past week. Heavy rains in various parts of the national capital are breaking records and showing the brutal side of the monsoon season. Contributing to the water supply of the city, the river Yamuna is very important to Delhi. And now, it is becoming a major cause of concern.

Yamuna River Water Level is Rising Rapidly

Heavy rains in northern India are more than expected. As of Wednesday evening, the Central Water Commission has estimated that the Yamuna River may swell and exceed 207.99 meters. Unfortunately, last night’s rainfall exceeded all those figures and damaged 208.05 meters, according to a Hindustan Times report. It broke previous records and broke the highest water level for the first time in 45 years, according to a Business Today report.

Here is a video shared by Twitter user Rosy (@rose_k01) showing the current situation in Delhi.

The situation worsened when the Yamuna river breached the 208.46 level on Thursday morning at around 7 am. As you go through the unprecedented water levels, the swelling of the water is proving to be a big problem between the government and the residents.

Water reports in many places; The areas were flooded

With the rapid increase in the water level of the Yamuna River, the low-lying areas of Delhi are the most affected. Residents of places like Chandgiram Akhada, Civil Lines and Nigam Bodh Ghat are having a terrible time due to water. Residents of low-income areas of Delhi are moving to new areas. This expulsion process continues for a few days. The flood also passed through ITO. The ring road near the ITO overpass sees high water velocities. Many places near the gates of Kashmir are facing serious problems. From the monastery market to the Neeli Chhatri Temple to the Vishwakarma Khadda Settlement and the Old Yamuna Bridge, many parts of Delhi are facing worst-ever times due to heavy floods. People living near the river Yamuna are migrating.

In fact, floods have been reported near the residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Geeta Ghat, Mandawali, Garhi Mandu, Gandhinagar, ITO and others are heavily affected.

If the water level rises above the current mark, it will lead to flooding of Delhi region.

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