Finding Paradise in Hippie Island Hampi

Finding Paradise in Hippie Island Hampi

Hippie Island Hampi visiting places.

Finding Paradise in Hippie Island Hampi

The hippie island of Hampi is frequently used by backpackers, campers, adventurers, climbers and laid-back travelers. This place is visited by more and more visitors of Hampi than monuments, temples and history of Hampi!

Hampi Hippy Island, or the Harmony of Virupapura Gaddi, is an aquatic island nestled in the rocks, hills and streams that surround it. It falls on the banks of the Hampi River, across the Tungabhadra River near the village of Aegundi.

This area has become known as “Hippi Island” due to its mild climate and weather! There are cabins with water views, rice fields, affordable backpackers, riverside campsites, undisturbed hills with beautiful sunsets and great rocky hideouts from outside impact. !

Finding Paradise in Hippie Island Hampi

Hire a Cycle and bike to explore Agundi village in Hampi.

From Hippie Island, drive from nearby villages to an ancient dream in big rocks and coconut palms. After that Aegundi is such a town and is still part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drive to Agundi village through Sanapur Lake and feel like a fantastic movie. Aegundi also has many handicrafts made from banana fibers (much cheaper at the time). try to visit them


Hippie Island Hampi

Where is Hippie Island in Hampi?

Hippie Island is situated across the Tungabhadra river in Hampi. The best way to reach Hippie Island is to cross the Tungabhadra river by boat (5 minutes ride) near the Virupaksha temple in Hampi. The charges are INR 50 for one boat ride. The boat starts from 8:00 AM till 5:30 PM.

Finding Paradise in Hippie Island Hampi visiting


On Hippie Island, or as small as it is known, not only are the huts demolished, but the surrounding area also attracts people to cross from Hampi! And these pastimes are harmless, so sure to encounter them when visiting Hampi!


The sunset guide is located on top of a mountain in the area and is also a must visit. A guide with a breathtaking view of the rice fields, the Virupaksha temple and the sunset over the mountains

The place is known for having live music in the evenings and relaxing with tea vendors, but the number of visitors to this place, which is not in business, will drop for the season.

But if you had the opportunity to visit the place, it would a great experience!

Rocks and climbing

There is no indication that the famous rocks and climbs of Hampi Island should delayed. Rocks and stones are not good and can visited.

However, there is some uncertainty in finding a good trainer to help you if you are new to this field as supply from vendors should closed.

Sanapur Lake

Lake Sanapur is a beautiful little lake surrounded by thousands of different rocks (imagine the view)! For a difference, ride the coracle (a small boat made of bamboo and bark) across the lake.

If you are adventurous, jumping might a good idea (unless you can swim)!

Sanapur Lake is a tributary of the Tungabhadra River. The lake has plenty of water throughout the year, making it a popular tourist destination near Hampi.

The lake is really special because it is surrounded by large rocks on each side for its large expanse. There are two reasons why the lake is so popular.

  • Coracle Boating

Locals say that rowing in the lake by hand forms coracles. They allow to ride for 15-20 minutes and rotate the coracles from time to time for the enjoyment of tourists.
Refreshing the water in this special area is fun.

  • Cliff diving

The unique structure and the rocks make it an ideal place to jump from the cliffs of Lake Sanapur.
Although dangerous and not a park, tourists often climb the rocks in the road for fun and entertainment.
The rocks are easy to find and in the winter you should see locals or tourists jumping off the rocks along the way.
It falls from a height of 25 to 30 feet. The water is deep and there are sharp rocks under the rocks, so you have to jump a lot and know how to swim to find out! Also, avoid risks.

The lake is full to the brim during monsoons and is usually not accessible to boat or go in the water during monsoons.


Often called the Monkey Temple after Lord Hanuman, this temple sits on the hill of Anjaneyadri. This temple is believed to the birthplace of the god Hanuman, according to Hindu mythology.

It is a small temple on a hill. There is a carved staircase at the top and it takes about 45 minutes to climb. The view from the top is the best in Hampi! Surrounded by hills, rocks, rice paddies and rivers, it’s a sight to behold in Hampi!

Explore the Hampi

The ruins of Hampi are a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” with over 1,000 well-preserved stone monuments including Hindu temples, fortresses and palaces. Hampi takes travelers through history to uncover the lost history of the largest, richest and most powerful country in South India. (Link to Vijayanagara Empire). Famous landmarks include Virupaksha Temple, Vitthala Temple and Hemakuta Hill.

If you want to explore the monuments and ruins of Hampi, read our in-depth Hampi heritage blog here.

Go for world-class Bouldering

If you are adventurous, Hampi is a great place to climb the rocks. Bouldering workshops can challenging and fun! There are many bouldering sites in Hampi visiting places. You can check the settings below.

a) Tom & Jerry Climbing Shop

b) Goan Corner

Do not walk during the rainy season and high season. If you are a beginner, sure to experiment with a trainer.

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Take an Ayurveda Body Massage

There are many places in Hampi for Ayurveda body language. The small space near the market is important but with really smart people. Probably the best massage I’ve had. It won’t cost you a bomb (I pay INR 1000 for 60 minutes).


Hippie Island has a waterfall (similar to a canal).  You can check the location of local people.


Although the hippie and chain shack industry is shut down, there are still a few good spots for the coolness and vibe of Hippie Island.

A few cafes/cabins seem to give a vibe similar to a hippie cabin on an island! Check it out if you plan to stay out of Hampi visiting places!
There are shacks, cafes and hotels all over the streets of Hampi, but I’ve heard of the two below or mention them below with someone who agrees!

How to reach Hippie Island?

By train – There is no train station in Hampi. The nearest railway station is Hospet, about 12 km from Hampi.

There are direct trains from Mysore and Bangalore to Hospet. The best way is to take “Hampi Express” from Mysore to Hampi via Bangalore. The train leaves Mysore at 6.40pm and arrives at Bangalore City Junction at 9.50pm and Hospet around 7.00am. To get from Hospet to Hampi visiting places, you can take a taxi (INR 250-INR 300) or a city bus (INR 20). Buses run from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Check out the available train here – irctc

By Bus – There are direct buses from Mysore, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gokarna to Hampi/Hospet. Bus fares range from INR 1000-2000 depending on the type of bus you choose. When you walk by bus, get ready for a bus ride!

See all bus options here –

By air – Hampi does not have an airport. But The nearest airport is Hubli Airport, approximately 150 km from Hampi visiting places. To reach Hampi, you must take a taxi from Hubli airport.

Best time to visit Hippie Island

October to end of February is the best time to visit Hippie Island Hampi. During the rainy season (eg July to September), Hampi will receive poor rains and humid. If you want to look around on a rainy day and see “Greener Island”, July and September are also great options. If it is raining heavily there may issues shipping the wreck to Hippie Island, so please check before you go.

In more years, the temperatures in Hampi will peak and it will heat up unbearably.

Things to do in Hippie Island Hampi

1 . Hire a bike and roam around Aegundi Village in Hampi

Visiting nearby towns from Hippie Island will take you to an ancient dream land hidden among giant rocks and coconut trees. Aegundi is one of those villages and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The path to the village of Aegundi passes through Lake Sanapur and gives the feel of a fantasy film set.

2. Climb the Anjaneya Hills

Anjaneya Hills is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Because Sunset view from Anjaneya Hills is quite popular amongst the travelers for the sight of the valley and surreal view of the surroundings.

3. Go for cliff jumping and coracle ride at Sanapur Lake

Sanapur lake is a small tranquil lake surrounded by thousands of boulders of different sizes. If you love adventure, cliff jumping can also be a good idea

4.See sunset from sunset hill Point

Hampi is heaven for mesmerizing sunsets with blissful orange and red sky. The magical lights bring out the spiritual side in you. The hill viewpoint in Hippie Island Hampi is famous for sunset between hippie travelers.

TIPS for Hippie Island Hampi

Firstly Bring enough cash: the nearest ATM is in Hospet, which is 10km from Hampi. Debit / credit cards are not accepted at most locations in Hippie Island Hampi.

Secondly Low Mobile Network: Not all parts of Hippie Island Hampi have a good network connection. Keep your loved ones informed.

Most Importantly Bring toiletries, towel etc.  As I said before, Hampi visiting places guesthouses offer you basic services so it will  good to bring your own toiletries, towel etc. Travel in High Season: If you travel to Hippie Island Hampi in the high season, book your stay and travel early, otherwise you may end up paying double.

Bargaining: As in all other parts of India, you need to keep up with the hustle and bustle of business in Hampi visiting places, especially if you are not Indian.

What to wear – Most Importantly Preferably cotton clothes. in other words No restrictions or dress code for visiting temples.


The hippie island in Hampi or the settlement of Virupapura Gaddi, is a river island tucked between boulders, hills and river streams flowing around it. It falls on the opposite riverbank of Hampi on the other side of the river Tungabhadra, near the village of Anegundi.

The region came to be known as ‘Hippie Island’ because of the atmosphere and vibe over here! There were multiple shacks offering views of the river, rice paddies, rooms at economic rates for backpackers, camping grounds by the riverbank, undisturbed hills with beautiful sunsets and huge boulders hiding the place from any outside disturbances!

Yes, if the ferry is working.

The ferry makes it easy to travel from one end to the other. However, all points from the Hippie Island ferry departure point are further apart. Previously, from this point you could rent cars or scooters to easily reach all other places. However, now that rentals will not available here, it can difficult to travel to the other side in just 1 day. So Cars may available depending on the number of tourists crossing the river now. in addition  Having your own transportation readily available will go a long way in saving time on a short trip. However, as the season approaches, locals must make arrangements to serve tourists in alternative ways. Ferry Fare is 50 INR Per Person.

No, if you only have 2 days only.

If you have 2 days, avoid the hippie island, you need them to experience and its offerings.

After that Monuments require at least 1 day of your trip.

There are many places that can offer the same experience that can found on Hippie Island.

Is Hippie Island safe for solo travelers?

I did a solo trip to Hampi for 2 days. From my first-hand experience, I would say Hippie Island is absolutely safe for solo female travelers. In Other Words Since Hippie Island Hampi is pretty chilled out place, it will a lot more fun while travelling with friends.



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