These Are The 10 Best Holiday Destinations For Retirees

These Are The 10 Best Holiday Destinations For Retirees

Aging In Place conducts research and compiles a list of OECD countries (countries that support the free market economies), the largest and most visited cities in the United States. It then sorted each destination based on several things, such as senior travelers, sightseeing options, views of public transportation links, hotels and weather, giving us the top 10 vacation destinations for retirees.

Top 10 holiday countries for retirees

1. United States

2. Australian

3. Canada

4. Italy

5. Spain

6. Germany

7. United Kingdom

8. France

9. Japan

10. Turkey

America ranks first in the list for seniors

With a big mark of 9.14 out of 10 for all reasons, the United States is the most popular vacation country for retirees. The US offers endless opportunities to visit, such as art galleries, nature and wildlife, and more. Tripadvisor showed that about 46.85% of hotels in the United States are rated as wheelchair accessible.

Australia is second and Canada ranked third

With a score of 9.04 out of 10, Australia is the second best place for retiree travelers. The country has the lowest amount of average rainfall compared to other countries on the list. The percentage of wheelchair accessible hotels is also the highest in Australia than in any other country on the list. Canada is the driest on the list, which means you can enjoy a holiday here without rain and with a score of 8.49 out of 10 is the third best place for a holiday for seniors.

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