Houseboat in Kashmir – Exquisite Accommodation on Dal Lake | Price and Details

Houseboat in Kashmir – Exquisite Accommodation on Dal Lake | Price and Details

Better known as houseboats, houseboats in Kashmir boat houseboat in kashmir house offer a unique stay option. Anchored on the shores of Srinagar’s two beautiful lakes, houseboat in Kashmir Dal and Nigeen, houseboat tours are perfect for senior citizens and travelers of all types. Thus, houseboat Kashmir dal lake they are consider ideal for family vacationers, houseboat on dal lake honeymooners and solo travelers who can take houseboat tour packages to enjoy this exclusive experience. The houseboat holiday experience in Srinagar also includes a shikara for a leisurely ride on the lake or to houseboat Kashmir dal lake reach the nearest shore. Tourists can also go shopping on the houseboats, houseboat in Srinagar price various vendors sail around these floating displays selling anything from Kashmiri handicrafts to grilled dishes.

Whenever Kashmir is mention, one cannot help but think of those colorful houseboats on the sparkling lakes and rivers. It is a dream of every tourist visiting Kashmir to spend a couple of days on the houseboats, one of the main attractions of the valley. But now they are quietly dying without the attention of the government and especially the tourism department. The number of houseboats was reduce from 3,500 to 800. Before 1985, the number was 1100.

The houseboat owners told Indiatimes that they had faced a number of issues which were causing the number of houseboats to drop.

Dal Lake Morphology

Visitors may be surprised to find that Dal Lake is a single body of water as it has the appearance of being many different lakes and pools interconnected and divided by numerous causeways, buildings on stilts, floating gardens and houseboats.

The lake is actually formed from five lake basins these being the Nehru Park, Nishat, Hazratbal, Nagin and Brari. The lake is shallow with a depth of around 6m and it currently has an area of around 16 sq km although it has previously covered an area of around 22 sq km.

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History of Houseboats

The origin of the houseboat lies in the chapters of Kashmir’s history. It is said that the native kings had forbidden foreign visitors, especially the British from constructing houses in the region and this gave rise to the concept of a houseboat.

Houseboat Features

  • Kashmir’s houseboats are made of cedar wood which stays healthy even after staying for years in water.
  • Inside the houseboats the main feature is the carved wood paneling.
  • Walnut wood is use for furniture on which intricate carvings are done.
  • The porch area is one of the major parts of the boat for guests to sit and relish incredible views of Dal Lake.

Types of Houseboats

A houseboat in Srinagar, much similar to hotels, these floating houses vary in size, facilities, and amenities ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget houseboats.

Where are Houseboats Available?

On Dal Lake, houseboats of all categories are available, whereas on Nigeen Lake, luxury category houseboats can be seen in a larger number.

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Size, Type and Cost of Houseboats

The houseboats come in various sizes and are grade by the government tourism department. The categories range from Deluxe (most boats are in this category) to D Grade. Set rates for each category are available from the Kashmir Houseboat Owner’s Association (situated opposite Tourist Reception Center in Srinagar). You can houseboat house expect to pay anywhere from 8,000-15,000 rupees per night for a top-quality houseboat, and 4,000-7,000 rupees per night for a decent budget houseboat.

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The Kashmiri houseboats are floating houses that are anchor along the banks of some of the most beautiful lakes such as Dal Lake, Jhelum Lake, and Nageen Lake. The houseboats are like a blend of hotel and home stay on the water. The houseboats have been crafted with great care and are adorned with intricate woodwork that displays the exquisite art and fine craftsmanship of Kashmiri artisans.

The largest houseboats have four or five bedrooms and are great for large groups traveling together.

If you’re a couple, you’ll be better off choosing to stay in a smaller boat as you’ll have more privacy and less disruption. The houseboats houseboat house are very popular with Indian families and unfortunately, they tend to be very noisy with little consideration for the serenity. The walls of the houseboats are not soundproof either, so you may be kept awake by their noise.

Cuisines to Try Inside Houseboats in Dal Lake

Kashmir has some very good flavours which are partly influenced by Hindu culture and partly by Muslim. The food not only has a pleasant aroma but also tastes delicious. Some very famous dishes that you must try are Rogan josh, Dum Aloo, Goshtaba and Rista. These finger-licking dishes will make you fall in love with Kashmiri cuisine. Certain houseboats in Dal Lake also serve Wazwan – the 30+ course Kashmiri meal.

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What Exactly are the Houseboats in Dal Lake?

Houseboats in Dal Lake are wooden home-like structure anchor at one side of the lake. They are fit well with all the comfortable things and facilities a traveler needs including electricity, water supply, kitchen etc. Houseboats in Dal Lake offer a unique combination of royalty and comfort. On average, houseboat house there are about 3000 houseboats station in and around Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Best Houseboats in Dal Lake in Kashmir

Houseboats, also known as floating houses, provide unique stay options for the guests. Here is the list of the best houseboats in Dal Lake in Kashmir that you can consider for your staycation! Take a look!

White House Group of Houseboats

The Kashmiri houseboats are floating houses that are anchor along the banks of some of the most beautiful lakes such as Dal Lake, Jhelum Lake, houseboat in Srinagar price and Nageen Lake. The houseboats are like a blend of hotel and home stay on the water. The houseboats craft with great care and are adorn with intricate woodwork that displays the exquisite art and fine craftsmanship of Kashmiri artisans.

Butt’s Clermont Houseboats

Distinguished for its cozy and comfortable suites, Butt’s Clermont Houseboats stationed by the western shores of Dal Lake is a houseboat in Kashmir idyllic retreat. so, The houseboat recognized as one of the best houseboats in Kashmir overlooks Naseem Bagh – the old 400 years Mughal Garden known for its famous Chinar trees.

They also arrange trekking for travel enthusiasts. With the captivating beauty of lotus flower around, what else could you ask for!

Royal Group of Houseboats

Situated in a picturesque locale of Mahadev Mountain Range, the Royal Group of Houseboats makes for an elegant stay in Dal Lake by catering unmatchable houseboat in Srinagar price experience. The best part about Royal Group of Houseboats in Kashmir is that while they let you experience the splendor around, they also allow you all the privacy in the world.

Apart from a separate corridor the houseboats also have dining, and pantry and dedicated crew to serve the travelers in the most efficient manner.

Royal Dandoo Palace Group of Houseboats

Located at a distance of 2 km from the Lal Chowk City, Royal Dandoo Palace Group of Houseboats is one of the popular Kashmir boat houses. The wood-panelled houses, handicrafts, and a cozy fireplace make the houseboat a prominent option in the Dal Lake.
The owners of the houseboat also arrange for bird watching tours and picnic. Shalimar and Nishat Bagh, at 6 km is a preferred spot for a picnic near the houseboat.

Savoy Group of Houseboats: Traditional Stay

Another popular attraction in Kashmir, the Savoy Group of Houseboats has been a soothing retreat in the Dal Lake. A perfect place to slip into nature’s tranquility, these houseboats have remained a favorite of artists, painters, and travel enthusiasts from the time of British Raj. Ranked on TripAdvisor as one of the best houseboats in Kashmir in Kashmir by happy customers.  Because This houseboat is a perfect hideout for you. Handmade fabrics, traditional curtains, linen, and interiors carved out of local walnut timber would certainly leave you awed.

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Butterfly Group of Houseboats

The Butterfly Houseboats offer excellent stay and a wide range of recreational facilities thus bringing the recognition of one of the best houseboats in Kashmir to plan a momentous holiday. After that The adjoining garden area, well-appointed staff, and parking facilities for guests make Butterfly houseboat in Srinagar price Houseboat an ideal stay in Nigeen Lake. However, plan a business tour or a family outing, this 5-star property is well-equip to make your stay a memorable one. It is indeed one of the best houseboats in Kashmir. 

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Shelter Group of Houseboats

One of the pioneers among the existing best houseboat in Kashmir. Shelter Group of Houseboats is an ideal retreat for travelers looking for a heavenly experience in Kashmir. The houseboat, carved out of wood paneling, has 10 houseboats of different size. The stay options vary from 3 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms accommodation.

Top notch amenities and nature’s perfect escapade around make Shelter Group of Houseboats as one of the 5-star stays. Brace yourself for a memorable stay.

Kashmir Group of Houseboats

Cheer up you are at the confluence of the north of South Asia and south of Central Asia. Your dream destination

Peacock Houseboats

Outfitted with well laid out carpeted rooms, and modern amenities like satellite color television. And the internet, Peacock Houseboat is the Kashmir houseboat stay you have been looking all this while. The fancy interiors and 3-star facilities and commendable service make Peacock houseboat in Srinagar price Houseboats an ideal stay at the Nigeen Lake. 100% power backup, houseboat house laundry, and doctor-on-call are the highlights of services provided at the houseboat.

Swan Group of Houseboats

For a luxury experience during your Dal Lake houseboat stay, look no further than the Swan Group. Their spacious double houseboat in Kashmir and twin bedrooms and houseboat house suites are beautifully furnish with wall-to-wall carpets. And they also have a lounge, a dining room, houseboat in Srinagar price and a sitting hall.

The hall is honestly the most beautiful, and you’d want to spend hours chatting up with your travel companions there.

Golden Crest Group of Houseboats

For a Cost-Effective yet Authentic Houseboat Experience, this one’s perfect. The rooms open to the view of blooming lotuses on houseboat house Dal lake. There are deluxe and Executive double and triple sharing rooms, as well as a king room. All rooms are a Wonderful mix of old-world charm as well as modern facilities for the guests.

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Not many Dal Lake Houseboats hold a conference room. But Golden Crest has that facility for you, in case you want to hold meetings. Don’t forget to eat the Lip-Smacking Rogan Josh and Shahi Biryani from their kitchen.

Gemini Group of Houseboats

The Gemini Group, also known as Kashmir Tourism Holidays, has around since 1975. Its Budget-Friendly rooms are a true Reflection of real Kashmiriyat. So, you’ll get a deluxe double room at the most Affordable prices, but you’ll receive the services offered in Suites. But If you Houseboat in Kashmir Houseboat Kashmir dal lake. Want Houseboat house to curtail your Dal Lake Houseboat cost, then Gemini is the right choice. With lovely views of the lake and the Mountains, Gemini’s Houseboats Redefine romance and Tranquility.

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