Shikara Ride on Dal Lake – Pricing, Cost, Timings, and Serene Experience

shikara ride at dal lake

A Shikhara is a traditional Gondola type light rowing boat which is mostly seen on the pristine Dal Lake, apart from other lakes. It is one of the most incredible and relaxing aspects of a holiday in Kashmir and should be included in your itinerary so if you want to experience the surreal beauty of this region to the fullest. “Experience the tranquility of a shikara ride on Dal Lake. Learn about shikara ride price, cost, timings, and the serene beauty.”

Along with the houseboats, it is also considered to be a cultural symbol. But even apart from leisure and tourism purposes, the shikhara is also used by the locals for seaweed harvesting, fishing and transportation. But To watch these beautifully decorated boats, glide serenely on the lake is a treat to the eyes, and you should definitely not miss out on this experience during your holidays in Jammu and Kashmir.

What is Shikara ride in Dal Lake?

The shikara is a type of wooden boat, which are long with a flat bottom. Shikara’s are commonly found in Dal Lake Srinagar and Nigeen Lake Srinagar. Thirdly Shikara’s are popular tourist attraction in Srinagar and offers the visitors the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, floating gardens, and the traditional houseboats.

Experience the serenity of Srinagar with a Shikara ride cost that offers a unique perspective of Dal Lake. The Shikara ride in Dal Lake cost per person is a popular query among tourists, as is the Dal Lake Shikara ride price. Those planning their visit can check Shikara ride timings for the best experience. The Shikara boat Kashmir price and overall, Shikara ride price reflect the quality of this unique experience. For budgeting, knowing the Shikara ride in Srinagar cost is crucial, and options to book Shikara ride in Dal Lake are available. The Dal Lake boat ride price and price of Shikara ride in Dal Lake vary, and the Shikara ride cost per person is often a determining factor for many.

Story of Shikara.

Shikara was a traditional boat which was a means of transport for the people who were living in and around water bodies. Eventually it caught the eye of Kings and Maharaja’s which gave it significance. Eventually it became a sign of prestige and relaxation.

Shikara ride cost is a key consideration for those planning things to do in Srinagar. The Shikara ride price in Dal Lake 2024 offers an updated cost structure, and it’s essential to know the Shikara ride timings. Experience the serene beauty of Shikara ride amidst the places to visit in Srinagar. Shikara rides are a highlight, with the Dal Lake Shikara ride cost being a popular query among tourists.

Moreover, Kashmir Shikara ride price and Srinagar tourist places guide helps budget your trip effectively. Understand the Shikara ride cost per person and explore the unique experience of a Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Discover the best time for Shikara ride in Srinagar and the per person cost for a Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Explore Srinagar places to visit and the Dal Lake price for various activities.

Dal Lake boating charges and Srinagar Shikara ride rates are important for trip planning. You can book Shikara ride in Dal Lake in advance. Don’t miss the places to visit in Srinagar for a comprehensive experience. Capture memorable Shikara ride photos and explore Srinagar sightseeing options. The Shikara drawing and Dal Lake Shikara are iconic symbols, with Shikara ride timings in Srinagar being key to planning your day.

Shikara Ride

A shikara ride timings is a traditional boat in Kashmir that allows people to explore the majestic beauty of Dal Lake. Secondly The shikara ride timings ride price is among the most popular things to do in Srinagar. It offers glimpses of the rich cultural heritage and exquisite beauty of the valley at its best.

During the Shikara ride, you can visit some famous places in Srinagar, including Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Hazratbal Shrine. Dal Lake is the major place where tourists can enjoy the Shikara ride in Srinagar, and apart from this, Nigeen Lake is another lake where the Shikara ride can be enjoyed. With the backdrop of snow-capped Pir Panjal mountain ranges, the Shikara ride amidst the serene ambiance of the lakes offers a unique experience. The spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset make the ride cherishable.

Shikara Ride Points in Srinagar

There are many points but to consider a few, Meena Bazar, Floating gardens, Chaar chinar, Sonn-laank , Nehru Park, Golden Lake.

Tourists also inquire about Dal Lake boating timings and the Srinagar Shikara ride rates. For those interested in the overall cost, Dal Lake boat price and Shikara charges in Srinagar are key points of information. The Shikara ride charges can differ, as can the Kashmir Shikara houseboat rates.

The cost of Shikara ride in Dal Lake contributes to the overall experience of a Shikara ride in Kashmir. Similarly The Shikara ride Kashmir cost, along with Shikara ride timings in Srinagar, helps tourists plan their visit. Additionally, the Dal Lake Shikara ride cost, Shikara ride charges in Dal Lake, and Shikara ride cost in Srinagar are frequently searched topics. Lastly, the artistic side of this experience is captured in Shikara drawing, symbolizing the beauty and tranquility of Dal Lake.

What to Know Before You Go Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

  • Location: Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake, Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir
  • Type of Destination: Boating and sightseeing
  • Opening Hours of Shikara ride timings: 7 AM to 9 PM
  • Fare for Shikara ride price Ride: INR 550 per person (1-hour), INR 800 (2-hours), and INR 1050 (3-hours)
    • Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Shikara Ride Price in Dal Lake 2024

The shikara ride price in dal lake is managed by the Tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir. Because The shikara ride 2024 rate is Rs. 700 per person for one hour and Rs. 400 for every extra hour. Below is the detailed Shikara ride cost 2024 table.

Shikara ride cost 2024
INR/ Rupees

Shikara ride price for 1 hour.


Shikara ride cost for 2 hours.


Shikara ride cost for 3 hours.


Shikara ride price per day cost (6 hrs)


From Nishat Gh to Hazratbal


From Nishat Gh to Nehru Park


From Shalimar Gh to Hazratbal


From Shalimar Gh to Nehru Park


Places to Visit with a Shikara Ride in Kashmir Valley

Taking a Shikara ride is one of the most relaxing, fun filled and enjoyable ways to go sightseeing during your holidays in Jammu and Kashmir. Some of the famous tourist places which you can visit with a shikara ride in Jammu and Kashmir are Nishat and Shalimar gardens. Hazratbal Mosque is another famous tourist place in Kashmir Valley that can be visited with a shikara.

Places in Kashmir Valley Where You Can Enjoy a Shikara ride.

The most famous place in Kashmir Valley where you can enjoy a Shikara ride is the fabulous Dal Lake, with its gorgeous views and incredible surroundings. You can reach the Nehru Park, the island of Char Chinar, and a couple of hotels and restaurants located at its edges while enjoying a shikara ride.

Nigeen Lake, although a part of Dal Lake, is great for enjoying a shikara ride. Similarly It is much calmer, serene and surrounded by snowcapped peaks, and treats you to spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset.

Wondering about the price of shikara ride in Dal Lake? It’s very affordable and offers great value. The shikara Dal Lake experience is a highlight for many visitors. For up-to-date information, check the shikara Dal Lake price before planning your trip. Experience the beauty of shikara Kashmir and its serene waters.

The Srinagar shikara rides are a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic views. For those on a tight schedule, knowing the Dal Lake shikara ride timings is crucial. The shikara price in Dal Lake is quite affordable, making it accessible to many. Looking ahead, the shikara ride price in Dal Lake 2024 remains a great value for tourists.

Determining the best time for shikara ride ensures you have a pleasant experience. Lastly, for convenient travel, check the Srinagar airport taxi rates to get to and from Dal Lake with ease

Book Shikara ride in Dal Lake

Booking a Shikara ride is very easy, just go to Book Shikar online and fill the dates and number of guests and you are done.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Dal Lake is during the months from May to November when the weather is pleasing, and you can appreciate the heavenly sight of a cluster of pink and white Lotus flowers adorned by the water droplets amidst the lake. Summer is also ideal for boating and a pleasurable evening sojourn, making it a perfect place for some leisure. Thirdly During winters, the water of the lake becomes extremely cold and is perfect for ice skating on the frozen Dal Lake, which in itself is a wonderful activity to pursue under Kashmir’s winter sun.

Spending a day on the calm waters of the Dal Lake is one of the most relaxing things many visitors can do in Srinagar! However, it’s hard to say no to a day on a Shikara to explore the nooks and corners of the scenic Dal Lake against the backdrop of the snow-covered mountains. Because, we hope you enjoy a Dal Lake Kashmir and have an amazing experience that creates fantastic memories.

Best Point for Shikara Ride in Srinagar

You can find Shikaras all along the lake but in my opinion, the best spot would either be near the Dal Gate, around Ghat No. 7, or somewhere between Hotel Centaur and Nishat Bagh, around Ghat No. 23.

If you were going for a morning, then do it from Dal Gate. Ask the shikara ride timings owner to take you toward the floating vegetable and flower market. They take you through a forest-like area and a village on Dal Lake.

Planning a shikara ride is one of the most enchanting experiences in Kashmir. The shikara ride timings can vary, so be sure to check the schedule before you go. The shikara ride cost is quite reasonable, offering great value for a serene journey on the water. Enjoy the breathtaking shikara ride in Dal Lake, which is a highlight of any trip to Srinagar. Taking a shikara ride is a peaceful way to explore the stunning surroundings.

The picturesque Dal Lake shikara rides are a must-try for anyone visiting the region. Experience the tranquility of Dal Lake boating and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The Dal Lake price for boating activities is affordable and provides a memorable experience. The Dal Lake shikara ride cost is well worth it for the serene and scenic views. If you’re curious about the Kashmir shikara ride price, it varies depending on the season and duration of the ride.

The shikara price in Kashmir is reasonable and offers a unique way to explore the lake. For those in Srinagar, the shikara ride cost in Srinagar is an essential part of the visit. Make sure to check the shikara ride price in Srinagar before planning your trip. A Dal Lake ride is an iconic experience, capturing the essence of Kashmir. The Dal Lake shikara price is accessible to most travelers, ensuring a memorable outing.

Special Highlights and Features of Shikara Ride

  • Enjoy amazing views surrounding the Dal Lake
  • Incredible sightseeing Visit attractions around Dal Lake Shalimar Gardens, Hazratbal Mosque and Nehru Park

shikara ride price

Shopping Facilities

A unique Shikara Ride on Dal Lake Kashmir is not complete without a shopping experience in that of the lively lake market. Moreover, this market includes a number of shops located right in the middle of the lake. The shops sell all sorts of goods including Kashmir’s specialties such as wooden artifacts, handmade earrings, carpets, Kashmiri handicrafts, saffron, and even Kashmiri ponchos and shawls.

Hotels to Stay in Srinagar during Shikara Ride

Firstly Shikara rides can be best enjoyed during the day while partaking in numerous activities. Tourists visiting for shikara ride timings rides can find multiple staying options in Srinagar near the lakes. A wide range of resorts can cater to the different interests of tourists. Take a look at the list:

  • Mascot Houseboats
  • Chicago Group of Houseboats
  • Hotel Grand Boulevard
  • Fortune Resort Heavan
  • Centaur Lake View Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Mahal
  • Taj Palace Houseboat
  • Paradise Gateway

Shikara Ride in Srinagar is an experience you must include on your tour. You can plan your holiday in this lovely city through our tour packages. So, book your tour and customize the vacation as per your desire with the help of our tour experts.

Shikara Ride in Winter

Yes, Shikara rides remain available in the winter season as well. But it will depend on how cold the weather was and the state of Dal Lake.

In recent years, the lake has never gotten frozen completely. But if the temperature was too low, it can sometimes get under by a thin sheet of ice. Because This makes rowing a Shikara difficult and sometimes there may not be one available.

shikara ride price

Added Attractions

There are three islands in the lake separated by the causeways that in itself is a major attraction. Houseboats with swimming facilities are allowed during summer and can be very refreshing. There are other interesting places to visit near Dal Lake. In particular, the pleasant Mughal gardens, ancient temple of Shankaracharya, the Island of Char Chinar, Nagin Lake, Chashme Shahi, Hazratbal Shrine, and Mazar-e-Shura Cemetery.

Dal Lake also serves as the best place for film shootings and photography enthusiast. The beautiful floating gardens of Dal Lake bring in people from all over the world to spend a relaxing time exploring the gentle waves of the water, the lush greenery around and the rocky terrains. Besides, the unique experiences associated with a also includes bird watching. The white-breasted kingfisher, pariah kites, little grebe, and other large striking birds with robust bills can easily be spot on the branches of willow trees while enjoying boating in Kashmir.

Shikaras boats are the perfect medium to enjoy a delightful ride across.  After that The lake and is a must go to if you are visiting Kashmir. The other thing, that draws tourists to the waters of Dal Lake are the houseboats or the stationary. Boats that serve as accommodation for anyone who would like to spend some quiet days staying on the lake. With a view of the Dal Lake in the background, they provide the most exquisite views of the lake and its surrounding mountains. Made from superior quality wood with intricate carvings and floral motifs, so they range from a simple one-quarter affair to large lavish suites. The interiors are beautifully embellish with Kashmiri carpets, crystal chandeliers, and plush furniture, and they also offer tempting home – cook meals, top-notch facilities such as hot tubs and Wi-Fi, and endearing.

Online Shikara Booking Srinagar

Initially you would have to get to a bay and wait for your turn for the boat. But we made it easy and online to book Shikara ride in Dal Lake Srinagar online at Government approved rates. So, The best of any relaxing activity is having a Dal Lake water. Being call the heaven on earth and having the most hospitable class of people the hosting of Kashmiri’s is here warming. But

If you have a stay planned in houseboat, then you will get a sipping taste of what a shikara ride in dal lake feels and amazes you. so, If you get some time early from your destinations do visit some of the places accessible by boats only in the waters of Dal Lake. You can contact number 9796-466052 to book on Call or Visit: travel Kashmir

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