India Has Suspended Visa Operations in Canada Until Further Notice

India Has Suspended Visa Operations in Canada Until Further Notice

Recently, India suspended its visa process in Canada, citing “reasons”. The decision comes against the backdrop of tensions between India and Canada and the expulsion of officials from both countries.

A private agency, called BLS, which was responsible for processing visa applications from Canadians earlier, posted a notice on its website saying: “Due to operational reasons, the Indian child visa process has been suspended. period, effective on September 21 2023. Please continue to check the BLS website for updates.”

If reports are to be believed, India has suspended visa services for Canadians due to the ongoing fighting. The dispute worsened after the controversial discussion on the Khalistan issue between the prime ministers of India and Canada at the recent G20 meeting in Delhi. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday his government is investigating “credible allegations” linking Indian government officials to the June 18 massacre outside a Sikh cultural center in Surrey, British Columbia.

India has strongly denied any involvement in the killing, calling the allegations baseless. After these events, tensions between India and Canada rose, leading to retaliatory actions. Canada expelled the Indian ambassador, prompting India to do the same. Last week, Trudeau stressed that Canada’s intention was not to provoke India, but to resolve the issue properly, saying: “The Indian government will take this issue very seriously.” don’t want to offend or upset him.”

Given the current situation, those considering immigrating to Canada are concerned that the deteriorating relationship between the two countries may affect their immigration process. In response to these concerns, immigration experts have suggested that Canada has no choice but to welcome immigrants to support its economy. However, temporary restrictions may apply.

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