These International Tourist Destinations Are Now Open For Indians

These International Tourist Destinations Are Now Open For Indians

The last 2 years are the scariest for everyone, but now things are returning to normal with a decrease in the number of active cases. Countries around the world are also lifting Covid-19 bans. The very interesting news for Indian travelers at the moment is that Vietnam and Indonesia now allow Indians to travel and explore their countries. Both countries are cheaper than traveling to other foreign countries. These Asian countries really count on international backpacker destinations, because you can explore and experience a lot without burning a big hole in your pocket. Keep reading to learn more about today’s directions to these destinations for your next vacation.

Directions to these budget international destinations:


Vietnam has allowed international travelers since March 15, 2022, after proving a negative test report before boarding the aircraft.

Travelers must also be vaccinated during the last 6 months before entering the country. Vaccination 14 days before admission is a must.

As far as quarantine is concerned, travelers must be quarantined on the first day.

If passengers are not vaccinated, the number of quarantine days will increase to 7 days. Visitors that are not vaccinated are allowed, but a one-week quarantine is required.

These visitors must also undergo an RT-PCR test on the first day and day 7 of the trip.


Travel guidelines for entering Indonesia are as follows:

Visitors must show proof of vaccination to enter Indonesia. The vaccination certificate must contain both the English language and the language of the country of origin.

Travelers must take the vaccination dose at least 14 days before the day of travel.

Upon arrival in Indonesia, an RT-PCR test is mandatory.

If visitors have taken both doses of vaccination, they should self-monitor and then continue with an RT-PCR test on the third day in the country. For travelers who have only taken one dose of the vaccine, they must be quarantined for 7 days. In between, they must also undergo an RT-PCR test on the sixth day.

Visitors with a negative report can leave the quarantine and explore the country. Meanwhile, they need to self-monitor for 14 days.

Visitors need to fill out an “Indonesia Health Alert Card” (eHAC) and get the QR code generated in advance. They must present them upon arrival. Visitors need to download the ‘eHAC Indonesia’ app to complete the form.

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