Destinations That You Can Visit This Summer Under ₹7k

Destinations That You Can Visit This Summer Under ₹7k

If you are tired of waking up to unbearable heat every day, then a refreshing vacation is something you need most now. India as a country has a lot to offer you in terms of travel experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget, you can easily explore various parts of India with ease. There are so many destinations to choose from throughout the east, west, north and south. With smart decisions and perfect choices, you can travel to various parts of India for less than 7k.


Here are best destinations under 7k to travel under budget



Our hearts yearn for a trip abroad, but sometimes our bank account can’t hold it. If you want a “foreign waali” feel on a budget, close your eyes and visit Pondicherry. Pondicherry, the French capital of India, has beaches, colorful streets, countless cafes and much more. Take long walks in the streets or around the beaches, savor French delicacies, explore the beaches, visit Auroville, there is a lot to do in this city.


Nainital is one of the most famous hill stations in India for witnessing the most impressive hills and the most beautiful lakes. Set against a backdrop of picturesque hills and mountains, travelers love to visit this place for a short trip on a budget. Taking a cable car ride and boating on Naini Lake are some of the more touristy things to do in Nainital.


Puri attracts tourists all year round for its sandy beaches and Jagannath temples. During the month of June to July, Puri is full of visitors who come to celebrate the Rath Yatra. To beat the heat on the cheap budget, Puri is a great option. In addition to temples and beaches, this place in Orissa has a lot to offer.


Traveling to Alleppey is quite a different experience. Located in Kerala, this place is famous for staying on a houseboat. To spend quality time and relax in the middle of nature, Alleppey feels really happy. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can skip the houseboat as you’ll have plenty of well-kept places to stay. You can explore the water bodies as you cruise or just take an evening stroll around the lakes and beaches.


Darjeeling is always a must-see destination on any summer vacation list. If you are a Bengali living in West Bengal, you need to understand the emotional sentiment of Bengalis towards Darjeeling. A trip to this beautiful hill station is not only good for the heart and soul, but also for the wallet. With a small budget, you can fully experience and explore the destination. There are endless things to explore at this quaint hill station, from river rafting to going on a toy train or even trekking. If you choose accommodation and hotels wisely, traveling here can easily be covered for under 7k.


If you want to visit a place with magnificent beaches like Goa but want to avoid the crowds then Gokarna is your final destination. The most famous places to explore in Gokarna are Om Beach, Gokarna beach and Mahabaleshwara temple. If you want to explore the beaches like never before, you can take a boat ride with local fishermen. A trip to Gokarna is truly one of the cheapest beach trips.


When the mountains call, head straight to Mcleodganj for a cheap ride. Located in Dharamshala, this suburb is beautifully surrounded by monasteries and temples with hills and valleys in the background. The perfect weather and the most delicious moos make your trip more memorable. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can definitely visit this place for a no-budget adventure. Some travel tips for this place are boating, camping and visiting Dal Lake.

Dharamshala Visiting Places

Basic tips and tricks to keep in mind for budget traveling

When traveling on a fixed budget, there are some basic tips and tricks to keep in mind. Always look for hostels to stay in as they will help you cut down on the most expensive part of the trip.

Also, travel as much as possible by public transport. Public transportation such as buses and cars are readily available everywhere and everywhere, making it a great area to see a lot of money.

The third point will be to treat yourself to street food stalls. There are always local restaurants that serve a full meal at a very affordable price. Another great recommendation for budget travel is Mussoorie. You can easily explore the city on your own under 7k.

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