IRCTC Has Changed Rules For Ticket Booking Online and Here is Everything to Find Out

IRCTC Has Changed Rules For Ticket Booking Online and Here is Everything to Find Out

IRCTC has recently changed and has created new rules for online ticket booking. If you are someone who travels by train and book your online rail ticket from IRCTC, these are important news for you. You will need to go through the verification process of your mobile phone number and your email before reserve your rail tickets. If you are about to book your tickets, it will certainly help you.

What is the new online ticket reservation rule?

According to the IRCTC, the new rule is for passengers who have not reserved tickets in recent years due to the COVVI-19 pandemic. These passengers will now have to verify mobile numbers and e-mail verification before reserving tickets for Indian railways. You will not be able to reserve tickets if you do not follow this verification process.

How to make the verification process of online ticket booking?

The first step is to connect to your IRCTC portal.

You will be taken to a verification window where you need to put your already registered mobile phone number and your email ID.

After this step, you will see a verification option and an editing option on the left.

If you want, you can change the email ID and number using the editing option.

For the verification process, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile phone number. This OTP means that your mobile phone number has been verified.

The process is similar enough for the email ID too. You will receive an OTP on your registered email ID.

Why is this rule entered into action?

Ticket sales have increased significantly after things started coming back to normal as before. Currently, nearly 8 train tickets are booked in a day. The high officials of the IRCTC Delhi Headquarters have informed that this verification process is actually for people who have been inactive on the portal during the pandemic.

How to book your online tickets?

The most important step is completing the process of mobile number and e-mail verification.

The process of booking e-tickets is very simple.

You need to create a User ID and password on the IRCTC portal and complete the verification process for the online ticket booking.

You will need to put the necessary details like origin station, destination station, date of journey, and the class of train.

The next step is to find a train and check its availability and the ticket fare.

The next step is to click on ‘Book Now’ and you will reach the passenger reservation page.

Now, you need to put the important details of the passengers such as age, gender, berth preference, and food preference.

To complete the booking process, you need to proceed with the ‘Make Payment’ option.

You will receive the Virtual reservation message in your registered mobile number and the booking confirmation mail on your registered email ID.

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