Italy: Tourists Destroy 150-Year-Old Statue Worth $218,000 To Take Pictures For Social Media

Italy: Tourists Destroy 150-Year-Old Statue Worth $218,000 To Take Pictures For Social Media

How tourists should behave while traveling has been a matter of debate. What does and does not change depends on different people’s opinions. However, we all agree on one thing, which is that we will not continue to destroy places or things that are the highlights of these places.

The behavior of these day tourist’s can also trouble you due to the pressure of social media. Nowhere will you find people creating reels, boomerangs, timelapses or anything for social media. Well, the same thing happened in northern Italy, where tourists literally destroyed the sculpture trying to get the best video for their social media. It turns out that a group of young German tourists went out of their way to take pictures of themselves and post them on social media, and in the process, they allegedly took down a very valuable statue. Villa in northern Italy. Villa manager, Bruno Golferini has confirmed this. People watch the whole incident unfold before their eyes decide to record it on their phones, the official added.

Reports added that two people in the group climbed into a fountain to hug a work, Domina by artist Enrico Butti, while another pushed it with a stick before the 1.70 m statue crashed to the ground. When they were asked to pay for the damages, they defended themselves by claiming that the statue was made of sand and offered a minimal sum for the repairs, prompting the owner to report the vandalism.

Golferini went on to say that he filed a complaint with the local police against the 17 German tourists, who were part of the group that was renting the villa. In a complaint filed with the Carabinieri, the authorities of the company demanded full compensation for the losses and expenses related to the necessary repairs.

Reports add that the damage suffered by the art piece will require meticulous restoration work and in any case, the work of art will never be fully restored. It has been reported that the group of tourists have already left Italy since the incident, which was captured by the villa’s surveillance cameras.

According to reports, the 150-year-old statue was valued at around 200,000 euros ($218,000). Referring to this, Golferini added that it would be impossible to repair this sculpture as it destroys all the tiles of the fountain.

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