Waste of Wonder – Immerse Yourself in a World of Amazement

Waste of Wonder – Immerse Yourself in a World of Amazement

The latest addition to Delhi’s attractions list, waste of wonder park timing Park ticket features replicas of the iconic Seven Wonders of the World, create from industrial and other wastes. A unique theme park in the world. Located near Nizamuddin Metro Station, it was opened by Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van. Discover the enchantment of Waste of Wonder ticket. Get your Waste of Wonder ticket and explore park timing and location in Delhi.

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It is surprising to know that the idea of ​​waste of wonder park timing Park ticket was launch by Seven Wonders Park in Kota after it appeare in the Bollywood film “Badrinath ki Dulhania”. The exceptional park is popular with runners and walkers. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has harnessed wind and solar energy to illuminate the park and offer stunning views during sunset and night. A visit to Waste to Wonder Park is a must to understand that something created with waste materials can feel so surreal. Plans to host a “sound and light” show are in the offing along with SDMC planning to allow for pre-wedding sessions and filming at Wonder Park!


Wonder Park ticket prices and Waste to Wonder Park timings are search by visitors before making a plan to this wonderful park. Waste to Wonder Park is theme park locate in New Delhi. This theme park is inspire by the 7 Wonders Park of Kota Rajasthan. This park has replica of seven wonders of world which are made from Waste materials. This park is made by scrap materials and another park on same concept open in Punjabi Bagh area by the name of Bharat Darshan Park.

Waste to Wonder Park is very popular among the residents of Delhi and NCR. However, This Waste of Wonder Park gains popularity in all over India. Waste to Wonder ticket Park is open and inaugurated by Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 21 February 2019. This park spreads in an area of seven acres and it is locate in Rajiv Gandhi smriti van. Similarly This park is create and manage by South Delhi Municipal corporation. This park is one of the most visit place of Delhi after its opening.

SDMC create this park using waste materials which are of no use like bikes, cars, nut, bolts, iron sheets, iron parts, bicycle, chairs, bench, sewer lines, etc. It is a very innovative theme park waste materials use very widely.  SDMC also using renewal energy sources to illuminate this place in the evening.

3 solar trees of 5KW, 1 rooftop solar panel of 10 KW and 3 windmills of worth 1KW install in the premises to make this park self-sufficient. During weekends, holidays and weekends Waste to Wonder Park witnesses high footfall.

History Behind the Waste to Wonder Park (New Delhi)

The Seven Wonders of World Park in Delhi was commissioned by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) as part of their Waste-To-Art Project which aims to effectively manage the city’s waste and also contribute to the beautification of public spaces. The entire project took just 6 months to complete!

The Waste to Wonder Park was inaugurat on 21st February 2019 by the then Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh. It was open to the general public the very next day. The aim behind the development of this park was to provide a fillip to the Prime Minister’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (or Clean-Up India Campaign) while also generating income from tourism as waste literally turns into wealth.

How many replicas have been made in Waste of Wonder Park?

All 7 wonders of the world have been built in this park. But If you are unable to see all these wonders of the world, then you really should come to this park and see all those wonders. All these wonders are much smaller than their original size. The names of these wonders are given below.

  1. Taj Mahal – India (20 feet)
  2. Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy (25 ft)
  3. Great Pyramid – Egypt (18 feet)
  4. Eiffel Tower – France (60 feet)
  5. Statue of Liberty – USA (30 feet)
  6. Colosseum – Italy (15 ft)
  7. Christ the Redeemer Statue – Brazil (25 feet)

Did you know that the Wonder Park is more beautiful at night than during the day? The whole park is lit up at night with many lights. All the lights of the seven wonders shine there, because of that light. Which is nice to see. If you come to Wonder Park, you must stay until dark.

Seven Wonders of the World at Waste to Wonder Park

1. The 35 feet Statue of Liberty, USA has recreate with old bicycle parts, metal sheets and chains.
2. Christ The Redeemer from Brazil has replicate with the aid of old automobile engines and square pipes as well as electric poles

3. The Eiffel Tower has been fashion out of 40 Tonnes of vehicle parts to reach the height of 70 feet.
4. The most famous monument of India, the Taj Mahal has been mimic to perfection with the help of broken park benches, swings and pipes
5. Colosseum from ancient Rome has also find a place in the Waste to Wonder Park. It has cleverly design out of broken electric poles, metal railings and other waste objects.
6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa has create superbly with an incline of 60 to 80 degrees angle. It has been craft out of cycle rims, metallic sheets and old iron pipes.
7. The magnificent Egyptian wonder, the Pyramid of Giza has been recreate in Delhi with 10 to 12 Tonnes of scrap angles.

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Waste to Wonder Park

    • The replicas of the seven wonders of the world are entirely made up of waste products like scrap parts of automobiles, metal fans, rods, nut-bolts, iron sheets, nonfunctional appliances, and etc. In total, However, 150 Tonnes of waste has been use to build up these structures.
    • The South Delhi Municipal Corporation took the initiative to build this park with one objective in mind—to conduct meaningful projects that involve waste management and to enhance the aesthetic element of the city.
    • While the entry fee to the park is INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children between ages three to 12, senior citizens above the age of 65 and children up to the age of three enjoy the benefit of free entry.
    • The Park was construct within a span of six months by five artists, seven supplementary artists and 70 welders. The washrooms inside the park are build using outdate shipping containers.

  • There are specific areas dedicate to selfie lovers. Giving way to the latest craze of selfies, the builders of the park have ensure a designate area for people wishing to click selfies with the replicas. Furthermore, the park consists of a play area for the children, various eateries and illuminated pathways.
  • The park is power by solar energy generate through the solar panels install in the park itself.
  • Meanwhile This is the world’s first park where all the seven wonders of the world have construct from waste products. SDMC commissioner P K Goel was quote saying. “In other wonders of the world’s parks, cement and mortar have use, and their cost is much higher”

Waste of Wonder Park Timing

Wonder Park is open from 11 am to 11 pm. And the park is close on Mondays. Similarly, you can visit Wonder Park anytime. So, There is not much effect of summer and winter here. But the right time to visit Waste of Wonder Park is in the evening. Because at these times you will also see a day view of Waste of Wonder Park. And after this, so you will also see a night view of Waste of Wonder Park

  •  50 Adult (13 to 64 yrs)
  •  25 Child (4 to 12 yrs)
  •  0 Children below 3 yrs and Sr. Citizen (Age 65+)


1. It is best to carry food and water as there are less food stalls within the premises
2. It is advisable to visit the park on weekdays as weekends happen to be excessively crowd.
3. However, An additional parking fee is charge by the authorities.
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Best Time to Visit

In Additions The evening is deem to be the best time to enter the park so as the weather is cold and the entire park light to make it doubly attractive.
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Park Timing Waste of Wonder 

Firstly Wonder Park is open from 11 am to 11 pm. And the park is close on Mondays. Similarly, ticket you can visit Wonder Park anytime. Because There is not much effect of summer and winter here. But the right time to visit park is in the evening. Because at these times you will also see a day view of Park. And after this, you will also see a night view of Waste of Wonder Park

No Tickets Price
1 Below of 3 Year Free
2 3 – 12 Year ₹25
3 12 – 65 Years ₹50
4 65+ Years Free

Waste to Wonder Park Ticket Price

A small entry fee is levied by the visitors so that park can be maintain and authorities provides facilities to their visitors. Kids ticket price is for 3 to 12 year is 25 Rs. Meanwhile Adults aged ( 13 to 65 years need to pay 50 Rs for the  entry in the Waste to Wonder park. Senior citizen (65+ years) and kids under 3 years of age entitled so for entry in the park by showing age proof.

Age Group Waste to Wonder Ticket Price
0-3 years Free Entry
3 to 12 Years 25 INR
13 to 65 Years 50 INR
65+ Years Free Entry

How to Reach Waste of Wonder Park, Delhi?

The Wonder Park is locate in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van near Sarai Kale Khan bus terminal. People travelling by metro will have to get off at the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station on the pink line of Delhi Metro. Because Those travelling by bus can take the bus to Sarai Kale Khan bus terminus. Discover the enchantment of Waste of Wonder. Get your Waste of Wonder ticket and explore park timing and location in Delhi.

  • Nearby Bus Stop: Firstly ISBT Sarai Kale Khan is the nearest bus stop So, it is just 1.1 km of distance.
  • Nearest Metro Station: Secondly Nizamuddin is the nearest metro station to Waste of Wonder Park. So, it is just 300m of distance.
  • Nearby Railway Station: Thirdly Hazrat Nizamuddin is the nearest railway station to Park. It is just 550m of distance.
  • Nearby Airport: IGI Airport is the nearest airport to Waste of Wonder Park. It is just 17.7 km of distance.

Interesting Facts About the Waste to Wonder Park (New Delhi)

While the theme of the Waste to Wonder Park timing is interesting in itself, there are many intricate factors that make it more endearing to visitors:

1. Even the toilet at the Waste of Wonder Park is made of an old shipping container with solar panels on its roof. So, The exterior is painted in bright colours to highlight the theme of the seven wonders of the world.

2. As you enter the Waste of Wonder Park Delhi, you will notice that even the entry gate is made of old grass cutter and a portion of a dilapidated bench. Typewriter parts and spring form the entrance arch. This design conceive by Ram Kumar, an artist from Tamil Nadu.

3. The self-sustaining, carbon-neutral and totally “green” park is powered by 3 windmills (which generate 1 kilowatt of electricity each), 18 sun-tracking solar panels (with a total of 10 kilowatt energy-generation capacity) and even 3 solar trees (each of which create 5 kilowatt of energy). The energy generated from these renewable sources is use to light up the entire park after dark, when it looks even more enchanting to the tourists.

4. The Seven Wonders Park is energy positive as it generates a total of 28 kilowatts of energy while consuming only 15 to 25 kilowatts. The excess energy is export to the city’s power grid, garnering extra revenue for the SDMC.

5. Most Importantly of the scrap materials were procure from the landfills of New Delhi.

6. Interestingly, the idea came to the South Delhi Municipal Commissioner, Dr. Puneet Goel, after he watch the Bollywood movie ‘Badrinath ki Dulhaniya’ which was shot in Kota’s Seven Wonders Park.

7. After that The Waste to Wonder Park was a collective effort of 5 main artists, 7 supporting artists, 50 labourers and 70 welders from various parts of India.

8. A total of 150 tonnes of waste was use in the creation of these 7 wonders which have cost 7.5 crore rupees in all.

9. Fourthly Although the structures are made of scrap which see as though they will rust soon, this won’t happen as anti-rust enamel is paint on all the surfaces.

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