Schengen Visa: Italy is Working To Reduce The Waiting Time For Indian Citizens

Schengen Visa: Italy is Working To Reduce The Waiting Time For Indian Citizens

Italy, a European country, is full of beautiful architecture, sculptures, vineyards and delicious pizzas! It is also a country in the Schengen area and all you need is a Schengen visa to go there. Italy is trying to reduce Schengen visa waiting time for Indian citizens!

Italy is Trying to Reduce Schengen Visa Waiting Time For Indians reported that to reduce the time Indians have to wait to get a Schengen visa, Italy is taking some steps. Vincenzo de Luca, the Italian ambassador to India, said that the Italian authorities are working hard to reduce the waiting time for Indians applying for Schengen visa.

Like other countries that issue Schengen visas, Ambassador de Luca said that Italy is currently facing a large influx and is making every effort to improve the process as quickly as possible.

The representative said in an interview with Business Line that compared to the same period last year, the number of Indians granted Schengen visa increased by 38% in the first seven months of this year. . He pointed out that the current processing time after receiving the application is 48 hours for business and tourism visas.

The ambassador also revealed that there are plans to increase the number of visas issued to Indian professionals. He declined to give a specific figure, saying the government is currently assessing the need for jobs in many industries in the country. Last year, they increased the number of job permits for Indians to 15,000. In addition, they are planning a lot of capacity this year. It also shows that the increasing number of Indian students are choosing Italy as a country of study. About 5,000 student visas have been issued to Indian citizens so far this year. He went on to reveal that Italy and India were negotiating a mobility agreement that would open the way for nurses and health professionals.

When applying, applicants from India must provide proof of residence, travel, proof of purchase of travel health insurance, and proof of having sufficient money to cover expenses, among others.

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