The oldest living person in the world was a 119 -year -old Japanese woman, named Kane Tanaka. She was the holder of the Certified Guinness World Record for being the oldest woman who ever after she turned 119 earlier this year. She was only three years away from the oldest person ever, Jeanne Louise Calment who lived 122 years old and died in 1997. Kane Tanaka, unfortunately, died at the age of 119 on April 19, 2022. Now, this causes a lot who wondered what the secret was behind long life. Well, read on to find out.

The secret for long life was eating his favorite food

Now you will think, Kane Tanaka the world’s oldest living person, only eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables for her long and healthy life. Interestingly, this thought is far further than the truth. Kane Tanaka revealed in an interview with the Japanese national tourism organization in 2020, that the secret of long life for her is to do things that people want to do. For her that means, eating the food she likes, do the things she wants to do and enjoy every day.

Kane Tanaka likes coke, chocolate & coffee

For Kanaka, she likes soft drinks, especially Coca Cola, Coffee and Chocolate. The oldest woman who lived in the world in 2019, received a box of chocolates at the ceremony, recognizing her long life. She really loves Coca Cola so that soft drinks even commemorate her 119th birthday with customized pet bottles with her name and age printed on labels. Tanaka really shows us that eating the food we like, and live every day is fully a secret to a happy, healthy and long life.

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