Getting Your Schengen Visa Will Be Easier With this New Digital Process

Getting Your Schengen Visa Will Be Easier With this New Digital Process

In a proposal issued by the European Union Commission, the Commission wants the EU district to get a digital schengen visa process, a visa sticker is replaced, and the possibility of submitting visa applications online through an introduced EU online visa system. With the introduction of this new digital process, now getting your Schengen visa will be easier and more efficient.

Plan to fully digitize the procedure

In 2025, the new pact on migration and asylum set the goal of fully digitizing visa procedure, reducing the burden on member countries and applicants, and improving security. The commission believes that with digitalization, risk of theft, fraud and falsifications, which can occur due to physical visa stickers. Through digitalization, people can apply for a visa online and pay through an EU platform.

No need to go to the consulate

Applications that have been received, will be examined to find out which countries are below it and also the total information related to Schengen’s short-stay visa will be provided. Because all procedures will be carried out online, applicants do not have to go to the consulate. People who first applicants or those whose biometric data are no longer valid must visit the consulate.

It is important to ensure a smoother and safer applications

Ylva Johansson, Commissioner of Home Affairs and Margaritis Schinas, Vice President to promote the path of our European way of life both praise this proposal. It is important to ensure a smooth and safe visa application is what margaritis said. The proposal regarding the digitalization of the Schengen visa process by the Commission will now be discussed by parliament and the council. Then, within 5 years of time period, EU member states must switch to the online process.

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