Karnataka Has Second Largest Tibetan Monastery

Karnataka Has Second Largest Tibetan Monastery

Karnataka Has Second Largest Tibetan Monastery

Karnataka Has Second Largest Tibetan Monastery. If you’ve explored places like Coorg and Mysore in the South and are on the lookout for exploring something different, consider visiting places like Bylakuppe. It is a small town located in Karnataka. After Dharamshala, it is the second-largest Tibetan colony in the world and is a stunning place to visit. Bylakuppe’s culture is distinct from all other states in South India. Visit this small town in Karnataka which has India’s second largest Tibetan settlement and a beautiful monastery.

Bylakuppe: Mini Tibet Of South India

It is one of the prime destinations in the Mysore-Kodagu district. Being only 6 km from Kushalnagar and 87 km from Mysore it is an ideal place for a short getaway. Home to the Golden Temple of the South, Namdroling Monastery. It is the major attraction of this ‘Mini Tibet’.

How To Reach Bylakuppe

To reach Bylakuppe from Mysore or Bangalore, you can take KSRTC buses which take you towards Coorg. The buses from Mysore leave every 2-3 hours in the day. The buses from Bangalore usually leave early in the morning. From Kushal Nagar, you can catch an auto that will take you to Lama Camp. Rickshaws are available 24/7 to get to Bylakuppe. There isn’t much transportation in Bylakuppe. Auto rickshaws hardly ever tour the town. Walking distances or renting a car would be the best ways to get around the town. If you get tired of walking, hitchhiking can be another option.

Bylakuppe’s Major Attractions

Namdroling Monastery

The serenity and tranquilly of this location make it the Golden Temple of the South and a must-see. The spiritual vibe, the idol of Buddha, and the Tibetan rituals are worth viewing. The temple is vibrant and colourful.

Best Time To Visit Bylakuppe

The town of Bylakuppe is available whenever of the year. It observes some vacationer inflow during summer, bubbly, and winter excursions. The Tibetan New Year falls among March and April as indicated by the lunar schedule. It is an optimal chance to visit the area.

Bylakuppe is a curious little city in Karnataka offering you beautiful perspectives and an understanding into the Tibetan culture.

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