Maldivian Tourism Minister Appeals to India for Increased Visits Amid 42% Drop in Arrivals

Maldivian Tourism Minister Appeals to India for Increased Visits Amid 42% Drop in Arrivals

The Maldives has seen a significant drop in tourism from India over the past few months. According to the data, available on May 4, the island recorded 43,991 tourists from India. This is a significant decrease from 73,785 arrivals during the same period in 2023. Seeing this, the Maldives Tourism Minister asked Indian tourists to “be part of Maldives tourism”. He even talked about the historical relationship between the two countries and how Maldives needs Indian tourists to boost its economy.

Amid diplomatic tensions between India and the Maldives, the island nation appealed to Indian tourists to support their economy and resume their travels. Ibrahim Faisal, the tourism minister of the Maldives, urged Indians to “be a part of Maldives tourism” and even spoke about the historic relationship between the two countries.

In an interview to PTI, he said: “We have a history. Our newly elected government also wants to work together (with India). We always promote a peaceful and friendly environment. Our community and government will gladly welcome the Indian arrivals. As the tourism minister, I want to tell Indians to be part of Maldives tourism. Our economy depends on tourism.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep and posted about his visit on X (formerly Twitter). Following this, three Maldivian officials posted insulting comments about his visit, leading to widespread unrest and a drop in tourism from India to the island. This negative reaction caused Indian tourists to drop from being the number one visitor to the Maldives to number six.

According to the data, the number of Indian tourists in the Maldives decreased by 42% in 2024 compared to the same period in 2023. In more detailed figures, as of May 4, the Maldives recorded 43,991 tourists, compared to 73,785 visitors in the same period in 2023.
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