Tokyo Launches Curated Toilet Tours Highlighting Innovative Public Restrooms

Tokyo Launches Curated Toilet Tours Highlighting Innovative Public Restrooms

Public toilets are places that people often try to avoid. Such places are considered very unsanitary, exposing workers to disease. This is not the case with public toilets in Japan, where they are designed to be tourist attractions. Like everything else in Japan, the toilet is designed to be a high technology, reflecting ultra-modernity. According to information from the Daily Star website, toilets attract tourists and interesting tours are organized for them, becoming a big threat among these visitors. Other reports indicate that it is part of the Toilet Project, which includes 17 toilets in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. The Nippon Foundation started this project in 2020, with the aim of improving toilet facilities. These toilets were renovated with the help of the best Japanese people, and quickly became a popular tourist destination. Apart from just cleanliness, these toilets offer high-tech equipment and are built to be different from each other.

The sightseeing program started in March and those who choose to be a part of it can enjoy both spectacular and modern sightseeing. The main purpose of these organized tours is to change public opinion, especially among foreigners. To show them that not all toilets are disgusting places that the city of Tokyo has to offer. Yumiko Nishi, a member of the local tourist group said that many of them chose the trip because they liked the arrangement. He said: “The best thing for visitors is that they can walk around the Shibuya area without visiting and enjoy the whole place while checking out the toilets.

During a rare visit, you may stumble upon Three Mushrooms, which is the name given to a toilet building, constructed to resemble the fungi. It is made to look like it sprouted from the forest, which surrounds the Yoyogi-Hachiman shrine.

Architect Shigeru Ban is the man who designed two toilets. He developed colourful transparent toilets which turn opaque when the door is locked.

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