A Man Caught Doing Push-Ups On a Road Sign in Odisha. Viral Video

A Man Caught Doing Push-Ups On a Road Sign in Odisha. Viral Video

The video of the man was reported to be making noise in Odisha’s Patnagarh district. A man in Odisha was seen doing push-ups on a road sign, the video of which was posted on Instagram and went viral.

The video was allegedly posted in Patnagarh district of the state and the person who shared the video on Instagram captioned it saying, “We do not promote this kind of music… this video is for entertainment purposes only,”. A user said the video says he is an NDA wannabe.

“This is an NDA seeker”, the user wrote. There are also rumors among other workers that the man may be too drunk and not doing the job to get engagement on social media.

This is not the first time someone has been seen doing something like this. In May 2023, a man was arrested for his involvement in an incident that saw four people drinking, dancing and making noise on the roof of a bus in Gurgaon.

The police recovered the car, which was allegedly used. The accused, identified as Lokesh, has been arrested, police said.

“A challan worth Rs 6,500 has been issued against the offender. We appeal to all road users not to endanger their lives and the lives of others by violating traffic rules,” said the city’s traffic police.

Here is The Video :


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