The difference in submersibles that was lost in time seems to be very small now. The underwater vehicle set off to visit the wreckage of the Titanic on June 18. The first-of-its-kind expedition was organized by OceanGate, and the ship is said to have a 96-hour supply of oxygen. But as time passes, oxygen levels should run out soon. Amidst the chaos, people are said to have started betting on whether the missing submarine will be found in time.

A tweet sharing screenshots of the game has gone viral online, causing outrage among media users. “There is now a chance to bet on the discovery of the Titanic submarine. Betting is really stupid,” said the viral tweet. Take a look here:

Although some called the bet “disgusting and sad”, many did not understand the “wild” revelation. One worker said: “I’ve never seen people bet on whether someone lives or dies.”

Another agreed, “Betting on if someone survives or dies is sick.”

A user said, “Yeah sh** like this really proves the hunger games could happen in real life.”

Meanwhile, one more who seems to remain practical about the issue highlighted, “Even if they find the vessel, there’s no way to recover it, get them more air, or get them out of it. They’re dead either way, we’re just looking to see where they went wrong.”

In addition to this, there were those left utterly enraged. One said, “This is the most messed up thing ever. People’s lives are on the line. This is disgusting.”

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