Dog Plays With Homeless Girl, Viral Video Wins Hearts

Dog Plays With Homeless Girl, Viral Video Wins Hearts

The highlight of the entire video is the fact that the girl dances and smiles every time the dog catches the ball.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. These adorable animals can brighten anyone’s day with their sweet gestures. Dogs can not only be your friends but can also act as helpers, protectors and rescuers. Recently, a video of a dog playing with a homeless girl went viral on the Internet. The hilarious video sparked a lot of reactions on social media. This video was shared by an Instagram page called Tuffy | People who color in color. In the short video, a little girl is seen standing outside while the dog is inside the house. The girl throws the ball to the dog and every time he catches it. Then the angry animal returns the ball to the girl. Both the girl and the dog seem to enjoy the gentle play. The highlight of the entire video is the fact that the girl dances and smiles every time the dog catches the ball. “Friendship is not pure like this” reads the caption of the video along with a blue heart emoji.

Since sharing, the video has gathered 6.4 lakh views and 84,000 likes. “Dogs are beautiful souls because they don’t judge you for your clothes and your financial status..” said one user.

“The sign really means, know that there is a beautiful person here to play with you and to love you. God bless these innocent babies. I love you both beautiful,” another posted. A third person added, “That makes me happy.”

“Because dogs can’t tell the poor from the rich. They carry a vibe of love,” one employee added.

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