Soon, Residents of Delhi Will No Longer Need a Token To Travel on The Delhi Metro. All you need is…

Soon, Residents of Delhi Will No Longer Need a Token To Travel on The Delhi Metro. All you need is…

Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system in the national capital and connects many parts of the city. To facilitate the movement of people, the authorities are planning to introduce a QR-based ticketing system! This facility of DMRC will be useful for daily commuters as they will not need a token to travel on Delhi Metro!

Coming soon commuters will not need a token to travel from Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has almost completed the development of its QR code (Quick Response) based ticketing system. This will allow passengers to enter and exit train stations using only mobile phones. The application of the technology is currently being tested at DMRC. After final testing, officials said they will introduce the technology at the end of June. According to a Hindustan Times report, the public transport network is using QR ticketing technology on smartphones. Clinical trials of this unique technology are currently underway. In order to ensure that there are no obstacles in the production of QR code tickets once the system is in place, several tests such as regression analysis are carried out as part of these tests.

By the end of this month, they intend to open the facility to the public. The Delhi Metro Rail app will be used to generate e-tickets, an official said. After payment, which can be made using different payment methods, a QR code will be generated in the application. Authorities estimate that 75% of DMRC commuters now travel using smart cards. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, this number was around 70% and in May last year it reached 78%. Currently, DMRC is doing 5.5-6 million trips per day, about 90% fewer trips than before the pandemic, when it was doing 6-6.5 million trips per day.

Even if e-tickets are introduced, passengers will still be able to buy tokens, buy QR paper tickets or use smart cards. The marks will eventually go away.

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