Man Earning Rs 56 Lakh Left His Job to Travel The World

Man Earning Rs 56 Lakh Left His Job to Travel The World

Stanley Aryanto loves to travel so much that he quit his high paying job in 2018 so he could travel the world.

It is not easy to find a good job with a good salary. What if we told you that a 34-year-old man left his stable job to travel the world? Stanley Aryanto, who earned £55,000 (around Rs 56 lakh), loves traveling so much that he quit his high-paying job in 2018 to travel the world.

Stanley, a working engineer, has traveled to many countries and continents. According to Metro UK reports, he has visited 26 countries, including Australia, America, South Korea and Singapore. “Since then, I’ve been living out of a bag,” he said. In addition to traveling, he also loves photography.

On Instagram, he goes from hunting villains to describing himself as an engineer turned award-winning, published and featured photographer, consultant and speaker. In one of his last Instagram posts, he explained his passion for photography and wrote, “One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I didn’t pursue my passion earlier in my life. It took years.” 30 to finally gain confidence. How many times have you found yourself thinking about things you love to do, but never pursue? The feeling of regret can be overwhelming, but it’s never too late to change.”

According to the Metro report, talking about his decision to leave his job to travel, Stanley Aryanto said: “Looking back, it was a stupid decision, and the coronavirus didn’t help, but this lifestyle made me give so many opportunities to see those things. beauty around the world that I would have missed.”

When asked about his favorite moment of all his adventures, Stanley revealed that it was when he saw comet Neowise which will be seen again after 6,800 years. Other popular moments include seeing the Milky Way from the top of a volcano in Bali and seeing the northern lights.

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