Our grandparents have told us the story of Ramayana many times and know the story by heart. In fact, we have seen many movies based on this story. The recent one was “Adipurush” which featured Prabhas as Lord Ram and Kriti Sanon as Goddess Sita. While watching the movie was a big deal, an unexpected guest came! Look at the monkey watching the show of “Adipurush” in a theater in Telangana.

A monkey was spotted watching “Adipurush” in Telangana!

The release of “Adipurush” was done with thousands of people watching the movie. However, at a theater in Telangana, an unexpected visitor came to the screening. The video shows the monkey watching the show that is being broadcast and has captured the attention of the viewers!

The monkey can be seen climbing out of the operator’s room window of the single-screen theater in a video shared on social media. Also, fans were shouting “Jai Shree Ram” when they saw the monkey. Some others have even started releasing songs from the film, Jai Shree Ram.

The makers recently said that Lord Hanuman will have a seat in every room. In some places, the designated seat is decorated with an idol of Hanuman.

A video of a monkey entering a screen and watching a movie is going viral on Twitter.

Since the monkey is considered a symbol of Lord Hanuman, many people say that he blessed the film. Also, many Twitter users shared the video because it is a holy moment for some. The film is one of the biggest projects in the film industry. Adipurush director Om Raut said that he saw Prabhas as the lead in the script. He was convinced that he would be perfect for the role of Lord Ram. Also, it added commercial value to the film. According to the director, Prabhas is a perfect blend of anger and calmness.

Adipurush has been released and people are paying for tickets!

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