The Pilot Was Locked in The Plane, Jumped Out of The Window; Photo Goes Viral

The Pilot Was Locked in The Plane, Jumped Out of The Window; Photo Goes Viral

This is probably one of the funniest and most important stories we’ve shared. Most of us, because of our distractions, often lock ourselves in our homes and even our cars. It seems that even the pilots were not spared. Recently, a photo of a pilot who faced a similar situation appeared on the Internet. The video attracted a lot of attention and funny responses with netizens around the world responding saying they found it necessary.

Pilot Gets Locked Out Of Aircraft; Had To Squeeze Through Window

In a recent freak incident, a Southwest Airlines pilot found himself outside the plane and jumped out the window. It looks like a plot from an episode of the cartoon Tom and Jerry and this video is also reminiscent of it. One letter sees all the pain of the pilot trying to get through the window and even managed to take a picture. He took to his Twitter account and posted a photo on the microblogging site. He ended the video with an explanation of what actually happened, but netizens were quick to express their disagreement about the incident. Some even edited the story with the incident. It turned out that it was not the pilot’s fault.

What Actually Happened?

The first explanation given was that the last passenger to leave the plane was suddenly locked and no one else was on board. Internet users pointed out that this is impossible because the crew will leave only after each passenger has left. Another Twitter user explained that it was actually because someone used the front toilet during the flight and kept moving the washroom door, then it suddenly shut. cockpit door.

Since the airport was empty at the time, the pilot had to make an emergency exit from the plane’s exit window. Southwest Airlines also gave a funny response to the tweet and said it’s not something you see every day.

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