Paper Omelette Goes Viral On Internet Wowing Netizens

Paper Omelette Goes Viral On Internet Wowing Netizens

Eggs used to be one of our favorite things to eat. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dinner, anything and everything made with eggs is delicious. Omelet is one of the most common dishes made with eggs. When we make omelets at home, we usually make small or medium ones that fit in the pan. But have you ever seen a great little leafy omelette? If not, you can find it now!

We are looking for this very important omelette

This mini omelette making video was first posted on TikTok. Later, Techzexpress Instagram page (@techzexpress) shared it on the platform.

The video shows how a man cooks an omelet in such a simple way. He begins the process by taking well-beaten eggs and pouring them into a hot wok. Wok with oil and egg coating is unique. He turns the container to pour the mixture. The most interesting part of the video is when he slowly turns the wok and spreads the egg all over it. Without any other utensil, she made the softest paper omelette.

When it is well cooked, he takes out the whole omelette and keeps it aside. When he opens the egg separately, even thinness is seen around it. Also, we cannot show any gas or stove in the video. He seems to have stirred the pot well at first.

Netizens are very interested!

Making an omelet in the right shape and maintaining the right filling at the same time is not easy at all. It takes special cooking skills to cook a great omelette that is well-rounded. The chef is very talented and the viral video shows it well.

This video of making a paper omelet in a wok has made rounds on social networks. Shared on Instagram on May 18, 2023, it has received more than 1.4 million views with more than 51,000 likes and many comments. Instagram users have a name for this dish based on its shape and size. From the bed linen, netizens suggest some interesting names.

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