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Mughlai Paratha at Kolkata Biryani House - CR Park

Authentic Mughlai Paratha available from some special stalls at CR Park Market | veg chicken and Mutton Option available and Mughlai paratha recipe also see in video.

Fried Paratha Stuffed with Eggs and Ground Meat – Delhi Blog Food Trail isn’t complete until you eat this!

From regular eggs to mutton eggs to chicken eggs, Mughlai Parathas at Kolkata Biryani House Shop in Market 2 of Chittaranjan Park has  best products which can doubled if needed.

Crispy parathas are right in front of your eyes, so you’re sure to get to your plate. You can customize it as you like and dislike. Whatever you do, sure to pair the paratha with the spicy casundi (mustard sauce).

Treat your taste buds to these delicious looking, deep-fried Chicken Mughlai paratha from this famous joint in CR Park! Mughlai paratha recipe also see in video.


About Mughlai

If you’ve had your share of the regular aloo and gobi parathas and wish to experiment with your taste buds, then you have to try this Mughlai paratha in CR Park as it is going to be a welcome variation. It is not very easy to find a place in Delhi that serves authentic Mughlai parathas. However, the Kolkata Biryani House in CR Park dishes out delectable Mughlai parathas that are worth trying.

History of Mughlai paratha

Mughlai paratha is a very famous street food. This dish was first prepared in the province of Bengal during the Mughal period. To appease the emperor in Jahangir’s royal court, it was first created by royal chef Adil Hafiz Usman. Mainly made up of minced lamb, eggs, onion and chilli. However, other fillings are also made nowadays. Choice of two countries

This food is equally popular in two countries. This is India (West Bengal) and Bangladesh. As both were within the same sultan during the Mughal period, this food was highly regarded in both Murshidabad and Dhaka. It has developed more in the cities. Today there is a special election from the streets of Calcutta.

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Special on any special occasion

Mughal Paratha craftsmanship is certainly visible at every festival in Bengal. You see people fervently eating it everywhere. Onion is served with Mughlai Paratha because it is flavorful that you don’t need to add anything separately.

If you are in Delhi and want to try Mughlai Paratha, you don’t have to go to Kolkata. You can only try it at CR Park in Delhi. You will get absolutely authentic Mughlai Paratha available from some special stalls at CR Park Market number one and two. If you are fan of Bengali food then this dish is for you but even if you like it less, cooked once. There is certainly some fat, but you’ll jogging more in the morning.


The max to use for paratha here is Rs 200 which will make your stomach comfortable and slip easily into your pocket. You are right.


11 am to 10 pm

As you may know, any item on the menu that comes with the prefix Mughlai is sure to give you an instant heart attack.

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