Mumbai Baker Prepares Pink Barbie Biryani; Netizens Complaints

Mumbai Baker Prepares Pink Barbie Biryani; Netizens Complaints

Barbicore caught the world’s attention last year. And it seems like this Barbie fever has no end! Jumping on the pink bandwagon, a Mumbai-based baker prepared Barbie pink biryani and even pink-tinged halwa for Barbie’s themed birthday party. But it seems that these unusual dishes have not been seen by many consumers on the Internet.This is why.

Mumbai Baker Prepares Barbie Biryani & Pink Pav Halwa

Mumbai-based baker Heena Kausar Raad took to her Instagram page, @creamycreationsbyhkr to share a video of her latest creation in celebration of Barbie’s birthday. From balloons and place setting to tablecloth and others, the whole party stayed true to the theme and how! Heena Kausar Raad, dressed in a beautiful pink dress, enthusiastically unveils her signature dish: pink biryani. A big bag full of special pink colored biryani is seen.

Heena shows the audience bowls of pink colored masala and pink colored rice. “Barbie biryani hai toh raita bhi Barbie hona chahiye na?” So a Mumbai baker prepared a pink raita to go with the theme. And if you don’t call that too much of everything pink, wait until you see the dessert! For Mithai, she brings traditional Pav Halwa to the table. And again, it’s pink in color! This shows his unwavering determination to stick to the subject.

Netizens Aren’t Pleased With The Amount Of Food Colouring Used

But despite her best efforts to follow the theme to the best of her ability, netizens were not impressed with her pink biryani or her pink pav halwa. @sabburedcherry says there is so much food color in every dish she makes. @blackbead05 told him to use less color because it is harmful to health and contraception.

Another Netizen was pretty sure she didn’t use beetroot to extract the colour. Rather, artificial colours were used to give pink hues to the dishes. Some even called it “bezzati to biryani”.

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