New Delhi Will Host The ‘Travel for Life Summit 2024’ on March 8

New Delhi Will Host The ‘Travel for Life Summit 2024’ on March 8

New Delhi is gearing up to host the Travel for Life 2024 summit on March 8. The event was organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) and Hotel Association of India (HAI).

The meeting represents a revolutionary initiative for reforming the tourism and hospitality industry. Taking place at the Le Méridien Hotel in New Delhi, the summit is set to mark an important moment in positioning India as a global leader in tourism and hospitality excellence. Its main objective is to advocate for sustainable tourism practices that are consistent with economic, social and environmental goals.

The “Travel for Life” initiative of the Ministry of Tourism launched under the banner Mission Life, is the main focus of the conference. The plan aims at a fundamental change in tourist behavior and business practices by putting sustainability at the heart of the tourism sector. Commitment to a sustainable, responsible and adaptive tourism industry is evident, with a focus on radical behavior change, environmental protection and climate action.

Based on the background of the G20 presidency of India in the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration (NDLD), the summit aims to bring together the expertise and innovation of various members. Participants from government officials, business leaders and international representatives, project managers and media representatives will come together to design a concrete plan for sustainable tourism development.

The importance of this meeting is highlighted by the NDLD’s support of the Goa tourism initiative, highlighting the way for the company to achieve green tourism, digitalization, skill development, small business support, small and small houses services (MSMEs), and effective location management.

The summit’s key themes and objectives include:

Mainstreaming Sustainability: Elevating discussions on sustainability within the tourism sector to ensure long-term viability and resilience.

Sharing Best Practices: Presenting case studies and success stories from global contexts to inspire and guide stakeholders towards sustainable tourism models.

Framework Development: Proposing actionable frameworks aligned with the Goa Roadmap to embed sustainability into tourism businesses.

Technology and Investment: Highlighting the role of technology and green investments in achieving sustainable outcomes for the sector.

More than just a conference, the “Tourism Sustainability Summit 2024” aims to be a catalyst for change, steering the global and national tourism sector towards sustainability.

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