How are you celebrating Navratri this year? Are you relaxing at home with your loved ones or will you be celebrating dandiya dancing your heart out? No matter how you like and where you dance, we have found the best and most unique places to perform Garba. No, not a well-decorated garden or an air conditioned house, where dancing is out of our minds. India’s famous Hydroman recently had an underwater concert, and we are very excited.

Hydroman shared a video of his underwater Garba dance

On Instagram, Hydroman (@hydroman_333) shared a video showing dandiya underwater and we are excited to watch the full music video.


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The artist featured in this viral video is none other than Jaydeep Gohil aka Hydroman. He is the first Indian underwater dancer and he shares his pictures on social media platforms. In the video, she is seen dressed in traditional garb while playing Garba and groove to her music with a pair of dandiyas. Not only did he choose a unique underwater location to shoot this video, but he also needed a backdrop. For a beautiful backdrop, she added a variety of stunning elements like beautiful tassels and multiple Garba dandiya dhols.

For more fun dance videos, you can also check out his social media platforms. Using the fisher’s back-walks walk in different ways, it did everything. His wishes and love for swimming was the key to viewing this difficult assignment, and then do it marvelously.