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Sarojini Market Delhi
A trip to Delhi is incomplete without a shopping trip to the popular Sarojini Nagar market. Named after the Indian nightingale, Sarojini Naidu, Sarojini Nagar Market is a famous street market Sarojini Market shopping guide for buying clothes at bargain prices. The items here are usually shipping exclusions or items rejected Sarojini Market Street food by brands due to minor defects. What to buy in Sarojini Nagar shopping tips These may also be duplicates, but they are just as good as their original counterparts.

Brands, designs and styles that have not yet reached India will find their way to the narrow streets of Sarojini Nagar (also known as SN Market). In fact, it would not be wrong to say that many fashion bloggers find their inspiration from these streets of Sarojini Nagar market. If you are visiting it for the first time, you may be nervous or even afraid, because it is very crowded, especially on weekends.

Sarojini Nagar Market is one of the most popular Flea markets in New Delhi. The market sets itself apart by offering shoppers extremely reasonable prices for decent quality clothing. Along with shopping, the area is known for its mouth-watering street food, including momos, Bhutta, and Shakar Kandi (sweet potatoes).

If you are planning to visit Sarojini Nagar, we have Sarojini Market Street food written an extremely well-researched guide about the market for you. Like every flea market, you can get the most out of Sarojini Market Delhi by keeping a few tips and tricks in mind. So, let’s dive in and take a tour of this shopper’s paradise!

Estimated time: 3 hours.

Key Facts

Timings 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Days Open The market is open on all days except Mondays.
Nearest Metro Station Sarojini Nagar metro station.
Best Time to Visit The best time to visit is during the morning hours as the market is less crowded.
Time Needed You need a minimum of 3 hours to explore the complete market

Pricing Highlights 


₹300- 1500


₹300 – ₹5000


₹100 – 500


FROM ₹500


₹100 – ₹300


FROM ₹50





What to Buy in Sarojini Nagar Market?


Sarojini Nagar market is very famous for its fashion clothes. Tops, crop tops, camisoles, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, pants, jeggings, sweaters, coats, blazers, jackets, work clothes and Sarojini Market Street food even swimwear. You name it, they have it. Prices start at just Rs.50. One can find clothes from brands like H&M, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Only, Vero Moda, American Eagle, Tommy, Stalk Buy Love, Forever New, Zara, Biba, Westside and many more.

However, don’t rely on the size on the label or what the seller says. Instead, measure fabric with an inch tape and find a dress that fits your size. There is no court, but you can overdo it in some stores, which depends entirely on the condition of the seller. You will be surprised to know that customers also change Sarojini Market Street food things if they don’t suit you. You can bring it back on your next visit (in 2-3 weeks) and take home something else. Sarojini offers clothes for all sizes. Sarojini Market Delhi From size 2 to size 20, you’ll find clothing for all body types.

What to buy in Sarojini Nagar


It’s not just clothes, Sarojini is also a heaven for a person who loves to stock up on accessories. Earrings here start at just Rs.10 and can go up to Rs.200-300. You will be surprised by the gigantic collection that Sarojini has to offer when it comes to necklaces that start at Rs.30.

What to buy in Sarojini Nagar


Other things like scarves, rings, nose rings, hair clips, bandanas, bangles and anything else you can imagine are easily available in Sarojini Nagar market. Sarojini Nagar also offers a Sarojini Market Street food wide range of sunglasses, starting at Rs.150. The ones that are slightly higher will cost around Rs.250-300.


Sarojini will not disappoint you when it comes to her footwear style. With shoes starting from Rs.150 and sneakers starting from Rs.250, this market is a dream for someone who loves endless shopping and only wears the item once or twice. The quality is so good that you can wear them at least 12 times. Heels, ballet flats, Sarojini Market Delhi stilettos and sandals are also available.


Sarojini Nagar is new when it comes to industrial trends. Everyone can find the bag they want in different sizes, styles and colors. Laptop bag, sling, tote, fanny pack, fanny pack, laptop sleeve, etc. also available in Sarojini Nagar market. You just need to look at the product. Boutique No.115 at Sarojini is where you can Sarojini Market Street food find a bohemian collection of bags and clutches starting at just Rs.100. There is a store called Old Tree that offers leather and suede bags at affordable prices.

Home Decor

If you are planning to renovate your home or just want to add some character to your home and don’t want to splurge, you can visit Sarojini Nagar Market without any further delay. Sarojini offers decorative items such as vases, lamps, frames, centerpieces, idols of gods and goddesses, key holders, makeup boxes and many more. You can expect some of the most artistic jewelry you’ve ever seen. Shop #197 has a fun and interesting slipcover that can add a nice touch to your sofa. You can buy household essentials such as bed linen, curtains, bed linen and more here.


From Ceramic Plates, mason jars, planters, dining set to quirky mugs, you can get all your kitchen needs from this market. The prices start at Rs.50. One of the best shops for this is from Sarojini Nagar shopping tips P.S Crockery (Shop No. 143). Sarojini Market Delhi The good thing is they would deliver it to your place in case you are within a radius of 5 km.

Men’s Wear

Even though Sarojini Nagar Market is mostly seen as a Women’s Sarojini Nagar shopping tips Paradise but unlike popular opinion, there are a couple of good shops selling Men’s wear too.

They have trousers, shirts, denim, boxers, tees, tanks, shoes, belts and a lot more for men too. Popular shops are 170, 174, lane adjacent to ICICI Bank, Anvit Garments & Hasho.

Some other items one can find here are Phone covers, pop sockets, blackboards, rugs, kid’s clothes and the list doesn’t seem to end. One cannot list down all the items available at SN Market, Sarojini Nagar shopping tips but it will be safe to conclude that one can shop for anything that one’s looking for.


Tips For Shopping At Sarojini Nagar Market

1. Carry a big tote bag since carrying too many poly bags can get difficult. This makes it both convenient and environment friendly.

2. This also ensures Carry Cash. There is a lack of ATMs and it’s most likely What to buy in Sarojini Nagar that you will find a long queue wherever there is one. Shops don’t have swiping machines, nor do they accept online payments.

3. Always carry a bottle of water. Whether it’s shopping in summers or winters, what to buy in Sarojini Nagar it will get exhausting. Having a bottle of water keeps you hydrated and on your toes for longer.

4. At least bargain for one third the price that’s been quoted and stay adamant. If the shopkeeper doesn’t agree, try and come to a middle ground. Do not bargain where it’s written ‘FIXED PRICE’, because most often they won’t reduce the price and would rather get angry.

5. Never show your excitement while shopping. Your chance at bargaining reduces drastically since the shopkeeper gets a good idea that you would take the product no matter what.

6. Do not dress up in fancy clothes. Shopkeepers tend to overcharge when they see someone dressed up and think they can pay a larger sum.

7. If you missed your chance of buying an item in a previous shop, do not worry, what to buy in Sarojini Nagar chances are you will find the same item in another shop.

8. Try and go early in the morning so that the streets are less crowded, and the shopkeepers are excited to sell their first item.

9. If you can, try and take a local along with who will know his/her way through the streets and would have hands-on knowledge at bargaining.

Timings For Sarojini Nagar Market

What to buy in Sarojini Nagar The Sarojini Nagar Market opens at 10 am and closes by 9.00 pm. The market is closed on Mondays.

There is no entry fee.

Where To Eat in Sarojini Nagar Market

DLF South Square Mall in the market has plenty of eateries including Haldirams, CCD, McDonald’s, Sagar Ratna and many more. Additionally, there are local restaurants in the streets like Amar Jyoti, Kwik Bite etc. You can also find street vendors selling corn, chaat, chai, coffee, lemonade etc. which you can eat during your shopping binge.

Grab a Bite (Must visit for foodies)

1. Kwic Bitte

Kwic Bitte, famous for its Indian Chinese and South Indian delicacies, Sarojini Nagar shopping tips is one of the most famous shops in Sarojini Nagar. You will be impressed by the quality of momos they sell with their very own red chutney.

2. Amar Jyoti Restaurant

Amar Jyoti is another iconic restaurant in Sarojini Nagar that serves authentic Sarojini Nagar shopping tips North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Do try their chicken tikka masala, Sarojini Nagar shopping tips keema meat, boneless chicken biryani, and masala paneer.

3. Sethi Juice Stall

Shopping for hours can definitely make you tired and dehydrated. Make Sarojini Market shopping guide sure that you keep hydrating yourself with water and other fluids. But If you crave some fresh juice, what to buy in Sarojini Nagar you can pay a visit to Sethi Juice Stall and quench your thirst.

4. Khatta Meetha

No shopping trail can be completed in Delhi without having some mouth-watering chat. Sarojini Nagar has a number of chat stalls that will solve all your cravings. Do check out Khatta Meetha for their Sarojini Market shopping guide lip-smacking Gol gappas, aloo tikki, and pav bhaji.

5. Khandani pakode wala

Do not miss this iconic Khandani pakode wala snack shop in the busy Sarojini Market shopping guide market of Sarojini Nagar for their tasty pakodes and other savouries, you will not regret it.

Sarojini Market shopping guide


Firstly Sarojini Nagar Market is apt for budget shoppers looking for fashion designer clothes & more at meagre prices. This is a pedestrian-only zone; hence, one can feel free to walk Sarojini Market shopping guide on the market lanes without worrying about being hit by a vehicle. Secondly Only when you’re there, in the heart of it, fully experiencing it, can you know what to actually anticipate. Plan your visit to this amazing market today.

How To Reach Sarojini Market

Delhi is a state well connected through metro and state-run buses. So, The nearest metro station to Sarojini Nagar is INA Metro, situated on the yellow line. What to buy in Sarojini Nagar The market is really close What to buy in Sarojini Nagar by from the metro; you can either hire a local or a battery run rickshaw. Because You can also book Sarojini Nagar shopping tips a taxicab for a more comfortable journey. Alternatively, you can travel in one of the buses which will be relatively economical.
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