Nidhi Van ka Rahasya or Kunj Gali ka Vardaan

Nidhivan ka Rahasya

Nidhi Van ka Rahasya

Nidhi Van ka rahasya or Kunj Gali ka Vardaan. Nidhivan which signifies “Backwoods of Tulsi” is one of the sacrosanct woods locales of Vrindavan. It is arranged in the Mathura region, Uttar Pradesh, India. Nidhivan is considered as the most conspicuous site committed to the interests of Hindu divinities Radha Krishna and their gopis. It is the normal conviction among lovers that Nidhivan actually witnesses the Raslila (dance) of Radha and Krishna during evening time. And subsequently, no one is permitted to remain inside the premises of Nidhivan around evening time. Nidhi Van ka rahasya..

The site has various Tulsi (Basil) plants which are short in level however tracked down two by two and have ensnared trunks. Other than Tulsi plants, the premises houses a castle called “Rang Mahal.” Where it is accepted that Radha Krishna go through their night after raslila. A sanctuary called “Bansichor Radha” where Radha has taken the flute of Krishna. A hallowed place committed to Master Haridas who with his total dedication made the icon of Banke Bihari. Which showed up, Raas Leela Sthali where Raslila is performed. And Lalita Kund which was accepted to be made by Krishna himself when gopis requested water in the midst of Raslila.

Tulsi Plants

Nidhivan is viewed as one of the baffling spots of Vrindavan. It is a thick backwoods with the rich green trees. Fascinatingly, the barks of the trees are empty and the land is totally dry, yet the tree stays stacked with green leaves over time. Every one of the trees are in bowing situation towards the ground. The normal conviction is that these trees of Tulsi transform into gopis in the night for performing Raslila. Each Tulsi plant in the premises are found two by two implying the sets of Gopi and Krishna.

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal is one more sanctuary in Nidhivan, known as where Radha Rani is decorated by Krishna with his own hands. It is emphatically accepted by enthusiasts that consistently Radha Krishna themselves arrive at this castle to take rest.

The sanctuary has sandalwood beds for resting. Each, prior night shutting the sanctuary entryways, the sanctuary ministers makes the bed, places trimmings like bangles, blossoms and garments for RadhaRani, leaves Neem Twigs (for cleaning teeth), Desserts, Paan (Betel leaves) and a container brimming with water next to the bed of Radha Krishna.

After every one of the plans done by ministers. The principal entryway of the Rang Mahal and Nidhivan are locked from outside and opened next day morning. Yet, each day, they found that the bed looks as though it has been stayed in bed. Neem twigs looks utilized and Desserts and Betel leaves looks somewhat eaten by somebody. Additionally, the bangles, blossoms and garments set for Radharani looks cluttered and messed up.

No one allowed after sun set

Nobody is permitted inside the premises of the sanctuary after the sun puts down. It is accepted that Radha-Krishna come to the sanctuary consistently to rest. Anybody who has attempted to see what occurs in the night either bites the dust, goes blind or lose their psychological equilibrium.

Albeit the houses worked nearby Nidhivan approach the perspective on the region however nobody thinks for even a second to endeavor to do as such. Many individuals who live in the area have fixed their windows with blocks and the people who have an open window, additionally shuts them down after the last ringer of the night aarti. A significant number of them likewise professed to hear the hints of anklet coming from Nidhivan in night. Indeed, even the monkeys leave the Nidhivan sanctuary in the wake of night aarti. Nidhi Van ka rahasya..

Appearance of Banke Bihari

Nidhivan is additionally thought to be as the spot of appearance of Banke Bihari. It is said that Vrindavan holy person Master Haridas with his sheer commitment and devotion satisfied the heavenly couple Radha Krishna and they showed up before him. Afterward, both Radha and Krishna joined into one single structure called Banke Bihari to remain with Haridas Thakur. For a considerable length of time, Banke Bihari was loved in Nidhivan and afterward they were revered in discrete sanctuary and the sanctuary is named Banke Bihari Sanctuary.


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