Plaza Premium Lounge Unlimited Buffet at Rs 2 New Delhi Airport

airport lounge in delhi

Get best Unlimited Buffet and Drinks in Rs 2 at plaza premium lounge at New Delhi Airport. Enjoy 2 rs food in airport Buffet with your VISA card.

The lounge access is one of the freebies for debit and credit card issuers offer.

Secondly Some of us have free access (sometimes at a fraction of the cost) to lounges thanks to the privileges that come with our credit / debit cards or airline tickets.

Once we enter the Lounge, we usually receive food, water, relaxing chairs, access to power sockets, etc. And sometimes we can get ourselves alcohol, shower, spa, PlayStation, etc. in the VIP lounges.

Most of the domestic airport lounges in India have free food and can access via credit / debit cards from selected banks and types. Domestic airport lounges do not serve alcohol in India. Because Most of the international lounges serve alcohol. In some places you are limited to one drink and in others there is no limit.

Some airlines have really stylish lounges and you can access them depending on the class you are traveling in.

After that Food has no limits anywhere. You can relax as much as you want (or can), eat as much, drink as is available in a lounge.

Facilities you can avail are:

1.    Complimentary access and use of the lounge where you will be served unlimited food and beverages.

2.    Some lounges have comfortable seating where we can take a nap while seating.

3.    Some have separate napping pods or rooms.

4.    You can take a shower before your next flight.

5.    You can use the washroom within the lounge premises.

6.    You will have the luxury of monitoring your next flight details relaxing in the lounge itself.

7.    Some lounge attendants even notify you about your next flight boarding time.

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The number of visits depends on the terms of the card issuance. The two rupee charge is what the lounge operator would have to pay on a card transaction as a merchant fee.


Procedure to get food at 2 Rs food in airport

Need to check whether the particular airport has this type of lounge. After that Then have to show our flight tickets along with the specific debit or credit cards. If those cards are not accepted the need to pay Rs.2000 per person a meal.

Which cards are accepted:

Debit card of Central bank of India 

Access limit- 2/quarter

SBI Platinum Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

ICICI bank Coral Paywave Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

ICICI bank Rubyx Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

ICICI bank Sapphiro Debit Card

Access limit- 4/quarter

Signature international Debit Card of Jet Privilege hdfc bank Signature international Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

HDFC RuPay Premium international Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

HDFC bank Millennia Debit Card

Access limit- 4/year

Axis bank Rupay Platinum Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

Axis bank Delight Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

Yes Prosperity Platinum Debit Card

Access limit- 1/quarter

Bank of india RuPay Platinum Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

IDBI RuPay Platinum Debit Card

Access limit- 2/quarter

List of the airport that has lounge facilities:


It is available for Domestic and International.

Lounge Premium Plaza

eat Unlimited Buffet at Rs 2 at New Delhi International Airport

Eat at Premium Plaza Lounge with your VISA card watch the full menu and Free Alcohol at New Delhi Airport Premium Plaza Lounge.

Premium Lounge is available for almost free or VISA Customers which is very common with every passenger or citizen of India.

2 rs food in airport

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So if you are traveling out of India don’t forget to carry your VISA card. So In Addition avail of this almost free unlimited buffet in Premium Plaza Lounge at New Delhi International Airport. Similarly Premium lounge Unlimited Buffet does Offer you Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Beverages inclusive of this free access.

In Other Words Which can Availed by Easily asking for available Whiskeys, Wine, Beer, and more.

Lounge Offer Terms & Conditions

Merchant Terms & Conditions:

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply: –

  • Firstly Card means any valid and unexpired Visa Infinite, Visa Signature, Business Platinum, Business
    Signature and Corporate Platinum card issued in India.
  • Eligible Card means a valid Visa Card issued in India for which complimentary airport lounge access is
    made available by the Issuer Bank.
  • Thirdly Eligible Cardholder under the program means a holder of a Card. – “Issuer Bank” means bank which
    issues Visa Card in India.
  • Participating Airport Lounges means select airport lounges, as determined by Visa from time to time,
    where complimentary access is available to Eligible Cardholders on the terms and conditions set out
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